Friday, November 20, 2015

Trump Say Muslims Should Be Registered In "Databases’ And Wear Special "ID Badges"... Sound Familiar?

In a Yahoo News interview GOP frontrunner Donald Trump discussed his plans for dealing with the threat of terrorism in this country. As it turns out Trump had some very concrete ideas on terrorism and it involved every one of the 3 million Muslim Americans residing here...

We’re going to have to do things that we never did before. And some people are going to be upset about it, but I think that now everybody is feeling that security is going to rule. And certain things will be done that we never thought would happen in this country in terms of information and learning about the enemy. And so we’re going to have to do certain things that were frankly unthinkable a year ago.

In the interview with Yahoo News Trump refused to rule out warrantless searches as part of his call for increased surveillance of Muslim houses of worship, suggesting that U.S. mosques could be shut down if he deemed them to be a security threat despite the fact that this idea flies in the face of our constitution.

We’re going to have to — we’re going to have to look at a lot of things very closely. We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.

In the darkest part of the interview Trump said he was open to registering U.S. Muslims in a special database, in addition to requiring them to wear ID badges that would publicly identify themselves by their faith.

Donald Trump questioned during an appearance in Newton, Iowa

Later in the day after the news of what Trump had said in the Yahoo article had circulated the Republican presidential candidate was questioned at a campaign stop in Newton, Iowa. In the press line NBC reporter Vaughn Hillyard pressed Trump on his "Muslim Database" statements. Trump replied that he would indeed create such a database to use against the country’s Muslim population, saying...

"Oh, I would certainly implement that — absolutely... You sign them up at different places. But it's all about management. Our country has no management."

Hillyard pursued that line of questioning and asked Trump to explain how registering American Muslims in a “database” and making them wear "ID badges" would be different from the identification Germany’s Nazi regime forced upon Jewish residents.

Why would Muslim databases not be the same thing as requiring Jews to register in Nazi Germany? What would be the difference? Is there a difference between the two?

After asking Hillyard where he works, Trump refuses to say anything but, “You tell me... you tell me” before walking away.

Hillyard is then heard asking...

 “Should Muslims be fearful?. Will there be consequences if they don’t register?

However, Trump said nothing and continued walking away.

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