Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Right-Wing Media's "War On Cops" Myth Destroyed By Facts

Data released this week from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
If you watch or listen to any right wing media it has been made painfully aware to you that there is a deadly "War On Cops"occurring in this country. It is a false trope they push that, in my eyes, serves no other purpose than to jin up racial tensions for political expediency.

The so called "War On Cops" has become a cudgel to wield when dealing with undeniable video evidence of fatal police shootings which has led to the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. A legitimate and much needed movement which right-wing media has repeatedly disparaged, for the entertainment of their majority white audience, as a "hate group" that wants police officers to be "murdered".

There is only one problem with the rights assertion... This past year will go down in the record books as one of the safest for police officers in recorded history, according to data released this week from the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. There were 42 fatal shootings of police officers in 2015, down 14 percent from 2014, according to the organization.

Overall, 124 officers were killed in the line of duty this year. More than one third of those deaths were due to traffic accidents, the largest single cause of officer fatalities. Thirty other officers died of a variety of other causes, including job-related illnesses.

Mark Perry of the American Enterprise Institute also culled the numbers and found that 

"this year (2015) is on track to be the second-safest year for U.S. police officers in history (0.1112 gun-related police deaths per 1 million population), second only to a slightly safer year in 2013 (0.097 deaths per 1 million)."

Unfortunately the right wing media machine does it's job well which is borne out in a A Rasmussen poll in September found that 58 percent of Americans said that there's a war on police in the United States today.

In closing lets say what the "War On Cops" really is: A diversionary tactic employed by the right wing media to counteract the nationwide spate of provable, televised fatal shootings of unarmed black men by police. It was designed to play to the scared angry and aggrieved white people that watch and listen to their shows. It alleviates their guilt and gives them a talking point (albeit a false one) to throw back in the face of reality every time a new video of a police shooting another unarmed black man intrudes into their white privileged reality.

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