Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump Says Women Who Obtain Abortions Should Face "Punishment" And Calls For A Full Abortion Ban (TRANSCRIPT & VIDEO)

The Trump Scandal Du Jour: Donald Trump Calls For Women Who Obtain Abortions To Be "Punished".

On tap today we have Donald Trump saying definitively that women who obtain abortions should be "punished". 

Trump made the incendiary claims during a taping of an MSNBC town hall where host Chris Matthews pressed Trump on his anti-abortion position asking him if "the woman [should] be punished for having an abortion".

Here is a transcript of the salient section of the interview...

MATTHEWS: No, should the woman be punished for having an abortion?

TRUMP: Look...

MATTHEWS: This is not something you can dodge.

TRUMP: It’s a -- no, no...

MATTHEWS: If you say abortion is a crime or abortion is murder, you have to deal with it under law. Should abortion be punished?

TRUMP: Well, people in certain parts of the Republican Party and Conservative Republicans would say, “yes, they should be punished.”

MATTHEWS: How about you?

TRUMP: I would say that it’s a very serious problem. And it’s a problem that we have to decide on. It’s very hard.

MATTHEWS: But you’re for banning it?

TRUMP: I’m going to say -- well, wait. Are you going to say, put them in jail? Are you -- is that the (inaudible) you’re talking about?

MATTHEWS: Well, no, I’m asking you because you say you want to ban it. What does that mean?

TRUMP: I would -- I am against -- I am pro-life, yes.

MATTHEWS: What is ban -- how do you ban abortion? How do you actually do it?

TRUMP: Well, you know, you will go back to a position like they had where people will perhaps go to illegal places


TRUMP: But you have to ban it

MATTHEWS: You banning, they go to somebody who flunked out of medical school.

At this point Trump, feeling the pressure of having to actually give an answer to Mathew's question derails the interview into a debate about the host's Catholic upbringing. It's a grade school diversionary tactic that works only for a few seconds until Mathews snaps the questioning back on track. I left this section in because it gives us a glimpse into Trump's evasion tactics when he doesn't like the way an interview is going and wants to dodge a question.

TRUMP: Are you Catholic?

MATTHEWS: Yes, I think...

TRUMP: And how do you feel about the Catholic Church’s position?

MATTHEWS: Well, I accept the teaching authority of my Church on moral issues

TRUMP: I know, but do you know their position on abortion?


TRUMP: And do you concur with the position?

MATTHEWS: I concur with their moral position but legally, I get to the question -- here’s my problem with it...


TRUMP: No, no, but let me ask you, but what do you say about your Church?

MATTHEWS: It’s not funny.

TRUMP: Yes, it’s really not funny

What do you say about your church? They’re very, very strong.

Here is where Mathews realizes what Trump is doing and gets the interview back on track.

MATTHEWS: They’re allowed to -- but the churches make their moral judgments, but you running for president of the United States will be chief executive of the United States. Do you believe...

TRUMP: No, but...

MATTHEWS: Do you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principle?

TRUMP: The answer is that there has to be some form of punishment

MATTHEWS: For the woman

TRUMP: Yes, there has to be some form

MATTHEWS: Ten cents? Ten years? What?

TRUMP: Let me just tell you -- I don’t know. That I don’t know. That I don’t know.


TRUMP: I don’t know.

MATTHEWS: You take positions on everything else.

TRUMP: Because I don’t want to

At the end of the segment Mathews tries once again to pin Trump down on just how he would "punish" women who obtain abortions...

MATTHEWS: Can we go back to matters of the law and running for president because matters of law, what I’m talking about, and this is the difficult situation you’ve placed yourself in.
By saying you’re pro-life, you mean you want to ban abortion. How do you ban abortion without some kind of sanction? Then you get in that very tricky question of a sanction, a fine on human life which you call murder?

TRUMP: It will have to be determined.

MATTHEWS: A fine, imprisonment for a young woman who finds herself pregnant?

TRUMP: It will have to be determined.

MATTHEWS: What about the guy that gets her pregnant? Is he responsible under the law for these abortions? Or is he not responsible for an abortion?

TRUMP: Well, it hasn’t -- it hasn’t -- different feelings, different people. I would say no.

So the woman gets punished but the man gets off scott free... Nice.

Here's the video of the exchange...

Click image for video

Trump Sides With Campaign Manager Charged With Battery Of Female Reporter Even After Video Of Assault Is Released (VIDEO)

The Trump Scandal Du Jour: Trump's Campaign Manager Cory Lewandowski Charged With Battery Of Female Reporter

On tap today we find that Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was arrested following an incident in which he “allegedly” grabbed a conservative reporter, Michelle Fields, at a campaign event earlier this month.

Lewandowski turned himself in to police in Jupiter, Florida, where he was charged with misdemeanor battery.

The whole ugly affair started on March 8th when Fields’s boyfriend Jamie Weinstein tweets that the former reporter Michelle Fields was manhandled by Lewandowski…

Later Fields came out and stated for the record that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had indeed grabbed her when she tried to ask Trump a question. The accusation was quickly backed up by the Washington Post reporter Ben Terris.

Upon getting wind of the allegations both Trump and Lewandowski repeatedly denied that the campaign manager grabbed Fields and began a whisper campaign to discredit her including allegations that she made up sexual harassment charges against (asshole) Allen West...

After Fields heard about the denials and the nauseating tweet she stuck by her story her story and posted a picture of bruises on her arm as a result of the incident... 

Click image for a larger view

After the bruise tweet surfaced Lewandowski, of course, tweeted that Fields was “delusional” and that he had never even met her…

This set in motion a slash and burn campaign by Trump and associates in an attempt to discredit Fields. Trump started by tweeting out a portion of Fields’ statement immediately after the incident occurred, claiming she changed her story once she found out there was video.

Then Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, suggested Fields was not believable because she had reported a previous incident of police abuse.

Next, Lewandowski called Fields “an attention seeker” while Trump piled on, saying “perhaps she made the story up. I think that’s what happened.” 

Then somebody threw a monkey into the wrench. A fly in the ointment. A booby in the hatch! Ahh yes, the video.

Footage was released from Trump's own cameras in which it clearly shows Lewandowski roughly grabbing Michelle Fields.

Here is that video...


Immediately the slimy Trump reversed his stance and - get this - started painting himself as the victim by saying he had interacted with the reporter but claimed she had tried to attack him (!!!!) saying...

She was grabbing me. [Am I] supposed to file charges against her?

He then shot out this pathetic tweet...

Click image for a larger view

Trump then said Lewandowski was protecting him and “trying to get her off of me.

His bizarre defense culminated in a tweet suggesting that Fields was trying to harm him with the pen she was carrying in her hand...

Now for the finale in this over the top story.

Trump then invited reporters aboard his plane in Wisconsin to discuss the matter and said in referrence to bruises that Fields photographed after Lewandowski grabbed her...

I looked at the tape, there’s not even a change of expression on her face. Then I looked at Internet, and you take a look at the tweets, and people are saying, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’
“I don’t know if there were bruises from that, who says there were bruises from that? How do you know those bruises weren’t there before? I don’t know what the police said. How do you know those bruises weren’t there before? I’m not a lawyer, but she said she had a bruise on her arm. To me, if you’re going to get squeezed, wouldn’t you think that she would’ve yelled out a scream or something if she has bruises on her arm?
You say ‘bruises on her arm,’ how did they get there? Who put them there? I don’t know that he put them there,

Trump then finished by implying that fields could not have been hurt by Lewandowski because she didn't scream during the assault. The video, as you may have noticed, has no sound.

Watch the airplane news conference here...

Now all that's left to do is sit back and see how much higher this pushes Trump's poll numbers!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ted Cruz Says He Fucks Rats... As Long As Those Rats Aren't Donald Trump. He Has Standards Ya' Know! (VIDEO)

It's been a rough couple of days for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

As we now know the National Enquirer's "Cuban Mistress Crisis" story dropped in which the Enquirer outed Cruz for engaging in affairs with at least five women including a prostitute.

At news conference yesterday Cruz attempted to engage in some damage control by refuting the allegations as well as restating that he believed "Donald Trump" and his "henchman" Roger Stone were behind the incendiary story.

All seemed to be going well as Cruz mounted a solid defense but for some reason chose to end the statement in a garbled metaphor about a rat fucking!

Here is Cruz's unprompted response during the press conference...

It is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from Donald Trump and his henchmen. It is attacking my family. And what is striking is Donald’s henchman, Roger Stone, had for months been foreshadowing that this attack was coming. It’s not surprising that Donald’s tweet occurs the day before the attack comes out. And I would note that Mr. Stone is a man who has 50 years of dirty tricks behind him. He’s a man for whom a term was coined for copulating with a rodent. Well, let me be clear: Donald Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him.

You can watch the statement here...

The only takeaway that can be gleaned from this statement is that Ted Cruz has definitely spent some time thinking about fucking rats.

Roger Stone replied the accusations on AM970 where he told host Frank Morano what he thought of Cruz in a way that only a rat fucker could...

Knowing what a couple of these women look like I actually feel like he’s the one who has been copulating with rodents.

Stay classy fellas... And leave the poor rats alone!

Monday, March 28, 2016

National Enquirer Outs Ted Cruz As A Serial Adulterer Who Frequents Hookers!!!!!

According to the new issue of the National Enquirer Texas senator Ted Cruz has had extramarital affairs with at least five different women. The women are described in the pages of the tabloid as "A hooker, a teacher & coworkers"...

From the Enquirer...

Private detectives are digging into at least five affairs Ted Cruz supposedly had.  
The leaked details are an attempt to destroy what’s left of his White House campaign!   
The ENQUIRER reports that Cruz’s claimed mistresses include a foxy political consultant and a high-placed D.C. attorney!"

The actual Enquirer story does not name any of the women with whom Cruz purportedly was involved though descriptions are given for each.

At a news conference following the release of the accusations Cruz denied the reports of marital infidelities. He then went on to blame Donald Trump and his "henchmen" and gave Trump a new nickname of "Sleazy Donald”…

Let me be clear this National Enquirer story is garbage. It is complete and utter lies. It is a tabloid smear and it is a smear that has come from Donald Trump and his henchmen.
"You know, Donald is fond of giving people nicknames. With this pattern he should not be surprised to see people calling him 'Sleazy Donald.'"

"Sleazy Donald"... Oooh, that's gonna leave a mark!

Cruz then noted that the article quoted Roger Stone, who was Trump's longtime political adviser until he fired Stone in August of last year.

In a phone interview with ABC News, Stone confirmed the accuracy of his quote in the National Enquirer report, but says he was only responding to what he’s been told and was not the original source of the Cruz rumors.

In response Donald Trump sent out a statement to the media which reads...

"I have no idea whether or not the cover story about Ted Cruz in this week’s issue of the National Enquirer is true or not, but I had absolutely nothing to do with it, did not know about it, and have not, as yet, read it. I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchman and then pretend total innocence. Ted Cruz’s problem with the National Enquirer is his and his alone, and while they were right about O.J. Simpson, John Edwards, and many others, I certainly hope they are not right about Lyin’ Ted Cruz. I look forward to spending the week in Wisconsin, winning the Republican nomination and ultimately the Presidency in order to Make America Great Again."

C'mon, either one of these guys is gonna make an awesome president... Right?

Sunday, March 27, 2016

SATURDAY CAUCUS RESULTS: Bernie Sweeps Washington, Hawaii And Alaska As Expected

Bernie Sanders scored three wins in Western caucus contests Saturday. Though the delegate haul was marginal the wins did give Sanders and his supporters  a powerful psychological boost.

These Sanders' wins underscore Hillary Clinton's vulnerabilities with young voters and liberal activists who have been inspired by her rival's unapologetically liberal socialist message.

Clinton, for the most part, anticipated the caucus losses evidenced by her minimal campaigning efforts in the three states. Clinton's team has indicated that it is turning her focus to the April 19 contest in New York, seeking to win a large share of the delegates at stake in a state she represented in the Senate.

With almost all the precincts reporting Saturday's sweep netted Sanders a total of at least 55 delegates to Clinton's 20. Here's how it all shook out at the end of the day...




Here is the delegate count as it presently stands...

Friday, March 25, 2016

Republican Presidential Candidates Use Brussels Terror Attacks To Gin Up Hate, Fear And Votes

Republicans have never shied away from the act of whoring out the dead bodies of people killed by terrorists to frighten people for political gain. It's what they do, they do it a lot and they do it well. They know it helps to solidify their base of fear bathed lizard brain followers by whipping them up into a xenophobic hate frenzy.

This is why it was not exactly a surprise that immediately after the terror attacks in Brussels on Tuesday the two leading Republican presidential hopefuls used the dead and dying for quick and easy political capitol. 

Remember it was the morning of Western Tuesday and both candidates wanted to sweep what primaries and caucus' that were to take place that day. It wasn't a perfect scenario seeing how the attack took place half a world away but luckily for them the victims were white and the terrorists were Muslims... So let the hate and fear mongering begin!


Let's start with the frontrunner Donald J. Trump. Before the bodies were even counted Trump used the mangled bombing victims to treat the nation to a big old Trump style helping of "I told you so".

Trump first dropped this tweets at 8:04 am to get things moving...

After that Trump showed up in the friendly confines of Fox & Friends where he told them them "I've been talking about this for a long time, and look at Brussels"...

This is what I’ve been saying for a long time, and I guess it’s at least a small part of the reason why I’m the No. 1 front-runner. I mean, people are very concerned about this, and they’re very concerned about the security of this country.

Trump then went on to say...

We have no idea what’s happening. Our government has absolutely no idea what’s happening, but they’re coming into our country They’re coming in by the thousands and just watch what happens I’m a pretty good prognosticator just watch what happens over the years. It won’t be pretty.

Trump then spoke with CBS News on Tuesday morning via phone and when asked about the attacks offered this...

"You look at what just took place in Brussels, and that's peanuts compared to what's going to happen. Because we're not tough enough, and frankly, our leaders aren't smart enough. We have to have very strong borders And people by the way from certain parts of the world, like Syria, without documentation, should not be allowed in our country... We have no idea who they are, where they come from. They could be ISIS-related. We can't allow that to happen."

Trump finished the interview by stating...

"This is going to happen in the United States,"

Don't forget that earlier in the week on an appearance on NBC’s Today Show,  Trump said, that he’d support breaking international law by waterboarding the recently captured Paris bombers, Salah Abdeslam, despite the fact that the practice has been denounced by interrogators and typically doesn’t produce good intelligence.

Frankly, the waterboarding, if it was up to me, and if we changed the laws or had the laws, waterboarding would be fine, If they could expand the laws, I would do a lot more than waterboarding. You have to get the information from these people.

First of all we don't even have custody of Abdeslam and in addition, all of the attackers identified in the Paris attacks Abdeslam included, were European nationals.

To finish the theme off in style last night Trump tweeted this...


Next in line is Ted Cruz. The Texas senator took to the airwaves within minutes of the mornings bombings to see if he could literally scare up a few extra votes for the primaries and caucus' that took place later in the day.

Later that morning Cruz released a lengthier statement making the same point but included the right wing trope of criticizing President Obama for refusing to say “radical Islamic terrorism” out of PC concerns. But in addition to talking about border security and fighting ISIS, Cruz also said he would "patrol and secure Muslim Neighborhoods"....

"Our European allies are now seeing what comes of a toxic mix of migrants who have been infiltrated by terrorists and isolated, radical Muslim neighborhoods.
We will do what we can to help them fight this scourge, and redouble our efforts to make sure it does not happen here. We need to immediately halt the flow of refugees from countries with a significant al Qaida or ISIS presence. We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized."

Though he never said how he would achieve this feat or which areas he would lockdown the consensus is that any and all of it would be "Counterproductive" And "A Clear Violation Of Both The First And 14th Amendments".

Cruz then moved onto Fox News, where he said...

"ISIS has declared jihad on Europe and on the Unites States of America. They have declared their intention to murder as many innocents as possible."

Cruz then thought it best to reiterated his December 5th call to carpet bomb ISIS into oblivion...

This kind of incendiary speech is nothing new. What is surprising is that this type of bomb throwing goonery is usually relegated to the fringe politicians like a Gohmert or a Bachmann. To hear a presidential frontrunner spewing this kind of unrepentant hate filled bile is truly frightening.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

WESTERN TUESDAY RESULTS: Trump Takes All In Arizona, Cruz Takes All In Utah And Clinton Cleans Up In Delegates (PICS)

Democrats and Republicans headed to primary and caucus last night in what I guess is now being called "Western Tuesday" because I assume they have run out of names to call these Tuesday event thingies.

Donald Trump notched critical victories in the Arizona which is a winner take all state. Cruz did the same in Utah. Kasich wound up with a goose egg for the night and was even beaten by Marco Rubio in Arizona despite the fact he is no longer running.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton also picked up the win in Arizona while Bernie Sanders ended up winning the night's northern prizes in Utah and Idaho. Despite Sanders winning more states Clinton walked away with more delegates.

Here's how the numbers worked out after the dust settled...

Here is the delegate count as it presently stands...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

TERROR ATTACKS: Explosive Attacks On Brussels Airport And Subway System (PICTURES)

It is being reported that deadly explosions have rocked a Brussels airport and train station this morning. At least 28 people have been confirmed dead.

The attacks come just days after the suspected mastermind of last year’s Paris terror attacks was captured.

Belgian police said that at least 11 people were killed in a bombing and an apparent suicide attack at the Zaventem airport, where gunfire was also reported. An additional 15 were killed in blasts at the Maelbeek metro station, Flemish public broadcaster VRT said, citing transit officials.

Both the airport and all Brussels metro stations were evacuated. All flights were suspended or diverted. Eurostar trains to Brussels were also halted.

"Anonymous" To Expose Ted Cruz’s Ties To Prostitution Ring If He Doesn’t Drop Out Of Presidential Race... # The Zodiac Killer!?!?!?

NOW IT CAN BE TOLD. The infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has set it lazer-like sights on Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (aka - The Zodiac Killer). 

Anonymous vows it  will expose secrets about Cruz’s lifestyle that not even his wife let alone his supporters know about. 

According to a recently released and untraceable online video, Anonymous announced it's #OPCruz via Twitter! In said tweet they warned Ted Cruz to suspend his presidential campaign lest his alleged ties to "prostitution ring" secrets would be exposed.

Here is the tweet…

In the video a mysterious figure with a an altered voice delivers a message to Cruz telling him he has only 24 hours to drop out of the 2016 presidential race. The video concludes with a final ultimatum that if “Lyin' Ted" doesn’t drop out Anonymous promises to reveal details about his alleged secret involvement with the aforementioned “prostitution ring”!

Here is a partial transcript from the video…

This is Anonymous. This is an open message to you, Senator Ted Cruz. Your lying during this presidential campaign has gotten out of control. You have committed voter fraud to steal votes that do not belong to you. The fraud you have committed against Mr. Carson will not be tolerated. You thought that you would get away with this but Anonymous will not let this go without repercussions or consequences…
You, Mr. Cruz, have been hiding behind some very dirty secrets that lie beneath the surface, secrets that you believed would never haunt you. But as you should know by now, Mr. Cruz, we are Anonymous. We expose the fraud that seeks to have power over our great country. It’s time that America knows your deep and dirty secrets.
We have done our homework, Mr. Cruz, and since you can’t stop your disgraceful and ridiculous political manipulation, it’s time that we tell America what’s hiding behind the curtain. Have you heard the expression ‘candy wrappers?’ Do you recall visiting prostitutes?
Mr. Cruz, we are now demanding that you exit this race for presidency immediately or Anonymous will launch a campaign to release all of the information that we have found."

Here is the video… WATCH IT IF YOU DARE!

The figure concludes with a warning that Cruz’s so-called underground hacks that he think were done in the dark would be brought to light for all the public to see and…"Your disgusting behavior … will go viral on every social media platform.

#OPCruz and Ted Cruz’s prostitution ring rumors follow a string of reports about another cyber war Anonymous has announced aimed at another Republican candidate and all around nice guy Donald Trump.

According to sources Anonymous’ plan to take Trump down in a similar style to that they have planned for Ted Cruz.

Either way the next 24 hours, if Annonymous has anything to say about it, should be quite enlightening.

In the interest of fairness Anonymous has yet to claim responsibility for the latest video confronting Ted Cruz and his alleged secret involvement with a prostitution ring, but I can dream can't I?