Wednesday, March 2, 2016

SUPER TUESDAY: It Was All Clinton And Trump

Yesterday was “Super Tuesday,” which refers to the day when a dozen states (and one territory) hold their nominating contests.

Voting yesterday was Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will hold contests for both Republicans and Democrats while Republicans in Alaska will hold caucuses as will Democrats in Colorado. Finally, Democrats in American Samoa are also holding their nominating contest.

The "super" in this day refers to the number of delegates a candidate can wrap up which in the end will determine who will be their parties nominee. For the Democrats 2,383 needed for nomination and for the Republicans 1,237 is the magic number.

Here is how todays contests shaped up...

For The Democrats:

Click image for a larger view

For The Republicans:

Click image for a larger view

Here is how the delegate count stands at the end of this "Super Tuesday" along with the other caucus' and primaries counted in:

Click image for a larger view

Click image for a larger view

The next contests for the involved parties will be on Saturday, March 5, Democrats and Republicans vote in the Kansas caucuses and Louisiana primaries. Republicans will also vote in Kentucky and Maine, while Democrats will vote in Nebraska. Democrats go to the polls in Maine the following day.

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