Tuesday, June 21, 2016

After Orlando Massacre Senate Republicans Shoot Down All 4 Proposed Firearm Bills (POLL)

Just over a week after the worst mass shooting in American history and our worst terrorist attack since 9/11 the gutless Mitch McConnell and his Senate cohorts voted down 2 modest and popular common-sense gun safety legislation.

These spineless members of the Senate blocked minute yet critical measures that would have kept guns out of the hands of dangerous killers and perhaps saved hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent lives from gun violence.

Sen. Chris Murphy during last weeks 15-hour filibuster

To give you an idea of just how against any gun reform measures the GOP is they only agreed to hear these bills after Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) took to the Senate floor last week for a 15-hour filibuster.

Apparently his shining a light on this horrific subject and the Senates inaction will only get the Republicans to listen to a proposal but the NRA's money will always guarantee that they deep six any change.

The Measures:

The first of the two measures would have barred gun sales to anyone who has been on a terrorist watch list in the previous five years or who is “reasonably” suspected of posing a terrorist threat.

Sounds very reasonable but the terrorist watch list amendment failed, 47 to 53.

The other would have tightened the background check system to cover the so-called gun show loophole and all internet gun sales. About 90 percent of the public favors such steps.

Again, this sounds like a done deal but the background checks amendment failed, 44 to 56.

To add insult to injury a pair of competing amendments, which were so tame even supported by the National Rifle Association them, also failed.

The first of the other two bills, sponsored by by Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), would have delayed a gun sale to someone on a watch list for three days and require law enforcement to prove probable cause to a judge in order to stop the sale altogether. Democrats pointed out that this proposal was particularly idiotic since if investigators have probable cause to suspect someone of terrorism, they would have already be under arrest. It failed, 53 to 47.

The other GOP measure, sponsored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), would have given more money to the agency that oversees gun background checks but... wait for it... wouldn’t have expanded those checks!!! It also would have made it more difficult to deem people mentally deficient for the purposes of buying, and made it easier to appeal. It failed, 53-47.

Here are some Gallup poll numbers to give contrast to just how out of step with the rest of society the GOP Senate Republicans are...

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