Thursday, June 9, 2016

EVEN MORE BREAKING NEWS: Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton For President (VIDEO)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has just endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

It is being said that because of Warren's more progressive stances her endorsement could be extremely important. Pundits predict that she may play an integral part in rallying some of the  more left leaning liberals who might harbor ill will against Hillary Clinton since her defeat of  Senator Bernie Sanders with whom Warren's ideologies more closely align.

Warren's announcement came during an interview on the Rachel Maddow show when the host asked if she "intended to endorse" the presumptive Democratic nominee...

I’m ready, I’m ready to jump in this fight and make sure that Hillary Clinton is the next president of the United States and be sure that Donald Trump gets nowhere near the White House. I’m supporting Hillary Clinton because she’s a fighter, a fighter with guts.

Watch Senator Warren's endorsement here...

Click image for video

In an interesting aside, later on Maddow's show, Warren said that she’s not currently being vetted to be on the presidential ticket. When pressed by Maddow about whether Warren believes she’s ready to be Vice President of the United States the Massachusetts Senator simply said...

Yes. I do.

I guess that answers that.

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