Friday, June 24, 2016

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid # 19: Obama Caused UK To Leave The European Union (BONUS: Nazi Golf Balls)

Today, while on his most excellent Scottish golfing adventure, Donald Trump explained to the world the real reason why the United Kingdom left the European Union.


As he stood at the podium in Turnberry Scotland explaining the wonders of his most luxurious golfing establishment he broke with the program and decided to attack President Obama and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. In political spheres this is considered bad form and is referred to as breaking the code of "all politics end at the water's edge". This means, basically, that a politician doesn't speak ill of other fellow politicians from his country when abroad.

When a reporter took note of Trump's "all politics end at the waters edge" faux pas "the Donald" being the clueless ignoramus that he is mistakenly took this to mean that politicians should not speak about the events that occur in other countries. Like immigration, refugees, islamic countries... Y'know, shit like that. 

The reporter posed his question to Trump like so...

"Mr. Trump, there has been a long-standing tradition in American politics that politics stops at the water's edge. And given your comments about President Obama this morning, it seems you don't seem to buy into that?"

Trump then answered the question thusly…

"Well, he — he didn't stop it at the water's edge, because he made statements about this incredible part of the world. And that this particular country, and frankly, a large group of countries should do — I mean, he's — he's constantly dictating to the world what they should do. 
The world does listen to him. Obviously, you can see that by the vote, but he's constantly dictating to other countries. So, you know, certainly, it doesn't stop at the water's edge with him. 
And you know, very importantly, he got it totally wrong. And he's embarrassed." Trump continued, "He got involved. I don't know if that was through a friendship with David Cameron. It could have been.And I understand friendship, and I can understand why he did it. I can understand that. But I think it's something he shouldn't have done. It's not his country, it's not his part of the world. He shouldn't have done it, and I actually think that his recommendation perhaps caused it to fail."
* Emphasis added

Watch here...

This from the man who just a week ago had no idea what the Brexit was!!!!

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