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FACT CHECK: Donald Trump's Big Speech Filled With Huuuuge Lies Gets Debunked Here!

Yesterday Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton in a speech that criticized everything from her time as the First Lady to her tenure as a New York State Senator as well as her four years as the Secretary Of State. He threw everything including the kitchen sink into the speech slamming her entire career from the Clinton Global Initiative charity to her email server to the Benghazi attacks.

Trump let fly with a veritable crap-storm of criticism saying that in the entire time she has served the country as a public servant that she had ”virtually done nothing right" and her tenure had been "one deadly foreign policy disaster after another" and "Her decisions spread death, destruction and terrorism everywhere she touched".

In the speeches most oft quoted line Trump accused Clinton of being a "world-class liar”… yet many of his pre-written teleprompter regurgitated attacks either stretched the truth or were just flat-out lies.

We here at TGL scoured the internets and catalogued some of the most blatantly false statements and rebutted them with the actual facts. We have culled Trump’s many lies from the speech he gave yesterday as well as the many corrections and laid them out below for your perusal.

Here they are in no particular order…


Trump says Clinton slept through the attack on Benghazi when her close friend Chris Stevens, the ambassador to Libya, and 3 other Americans were was killed...

"When the phone rang, as per the commercial, at 3:00 in the morning, Hillary Clinton was sleeping. Ambassador Stevens and his staff in Libya made hundreds and hundreds of requests for security. They were desperate. They needed help. Hillary Clinton's State Department refused them all. She started the war that put them in Libya, denied him the security he asked for then left him there to die."

In reality, Clinton testified under oath that she stayed up the entire night monitoring the situation. During her eleven-hour testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Clinton explained that the news of the attack broke at around 9 p.m. on the East Coast, where she was working from home.


Trump claims Clinton support for 'regime change' caused Syrian bloodshed...

"support for violent regime change in Syria has thrown the country into one of the bloodiest civil wars anyone has ever seen."

While Clinton did indeed advocated for the "overthrow" of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the plan was never implemented and therefore it is impossible to attribute the ongoing bloodshed of the Syrian civil war to the rejected policies of a secretary of state now out of office for more than three years


Trump says Clinton money for refugees could rebuild every inner city in America...

"Hillary also wants to spend hundreds of billions to resettle Middle Eastern refugees in the United States, on top of the current record level of immigration. For the amount of money Hillary Clinton would like to spend on refugees, we could rebuild every inner city in America."

In fiscal year 2015, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which is under the Department of Health and Human Services, had about 1.6 billion to spend on services such as medical assistance, employment services, and English language training, among others.

In truth, the amount of money required to revitalize all 328 inner cities in the United States of America' is so massive it is hard to quantify. To put it into perspective Billionaire Dan Gilbert bought and renovated 60 buildings in downtown Detroit… and he spent $1.3 billion to do it.


According to Trump, Clinton ran the State Department like her own personal hedge fund, doing favors for oppressive regimes and many others in exchange for cash...

Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved the transfer of 20 percent of America’s uranium holdings to Russia while nine investors in the deal funneled $145 million foundation $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. $145 million.

The State Department's role in approving the deal Trump alludes to was part of an extensive bureaucratic process, and the chapter offers no indication of Hillary Clinton's personal involvement in, or even knowledge of, the deliberations. State has just one vote on the nine-member committee, which also includes the departments of Defense, Treasury and Energy. In fact it was the Treasury's Committee on Foreign Investment in the Unites States, an interagency body that reviews deals that could result in a foreign entity owning a US business, reviewed and approved the sale. The committee includes representatives from nine agencies, including the State Department.


Trump suggested that Clinton’s Email server had been hacked and now “enemies” can blackmail her…

"So (our enemies) probably now have a blackmail file over someone who wants to be the president of the United States. This fact alone disqualifies her from the presidency. We can't hand over our government to someone who's deepest, darkest secrets may be in the hands of our enemies. Can't do it."

While it is true that Clinton used a privately-run server for email during her time as secretary of state, there has been no conclusive evidence that the server was compromised, nor any indication that foreign governments were involved in any attempts to do so. Two law enforcement officials told CNN that security logs turned over from the server showed no apparent signs of hacking.


Trump asserted that The U.S. has the highest tax rate in the world...

we are, by the way, the highest taxed nation in the world.

Data on tax rates from the 34 industrialized nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that the U.S. was somewhere near the middle of the pack in 2014, trailing far behind countries such as Norway, New Zealand and Luxembourg.


Clinton has no plan to screen millions of new Syrian refugees...

radical 550 percent increase in Syrian refugees coming into the United States,” and that her plan lacked any “way to screen who they are or what they believe.

there is already a stringent vetting process in place for refugees coming from Syria and other war-torn Middle Eastern countries. Individuals who the United Nations must first determine to be refugees are referred to the U.S., then face several levels of screening from federal intelligence and security agencies in a process that can take two years or longer to complete.


Trump claims immigrants were arrested for acts of terrorism...

Hundreds of recent immigrants and their children have been convicted of terrorism inside the U.S.

The New America Foundation, a Washington, DC think tank, found that 139 immigrants were implicated in jihad-inspired terrorist activity in the U.S., this number is far lower than the number of attacks carried out by anti-government activists, white supremacist and other non-Muslim extremists.. The Washington Post recently reviewed “lists of cases from 2014 and 2015, involving 76 people charged with activities relating to foreign terrorist organizations” and found that “57 were U.S. citizens, seven were lawful permanent residents and two were refugees.” 


Trump was one of the first to criticize the Iraq War...

“(I) was among the earliest to criticize the rush to war… before the war ever started.

In a 2000 book, Trump claimed he would understand the rationale for a U.S. military intervention if Iraq was found to have nuclear weapons. When asked in 2002 interview with Howard Stern if he supported the invasion, he said, “Yeah I guess so.”


Clinton allowed China to steal intellectual property...

"billions and billions of dollars in our intellectual property, and China has taken it. And it's a crime which is continuously going on, and it's going on right now… She let China steal hundreds of billions of dollars in our intellectual property -- a crime which is continuing to this day."

While it is true that China has stolen intellectual property from United States entities for years, he offered no explanation for his assertion that Clinton let it go on. Also, the State Department is not responsible for stopping Chinese hacking.


Trump suggested U.S. trade deficit with China soared during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state...

trade deficit with China soared 40 percent during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

According to the Washington Post’s fact check of this claim, Trump estimate overshoots the mark by more than double. Actually, the trade deficit rose only 12% if you look between 2008 and 2012, which is the most accurate way to measure what happened under her tenure, which ran from early 2009 until early 2013, according to federal trade data.


Trump stated that Hillary Clinton accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the leaders of Brunei...

"Hillary Clinton accepted $58,000 in jewelry from the government of Brunei when she was secretary of state plus millions more for her foundation"

While Clinton did receive gold, sapphire and diamond jewelry amounting to that sum from Brunei’s queen, she did not keep the goods. Under State Department rules, if a gift over $350 cannot be refused, it automatically becomes property of the U.S. government, and the recipient must report the gift and transfer it to the Office of the Chief of Protocol within 60 days.


Trump said Clinton's will allow people into the United States that would kill and enslave people in the LGBT community for her own monetary gain and that he would be a better leader for what he refers to as "the gays"…

"Hillary Clinton wants to bring in people who believed women should be enslaved and gays put to death. Maybe her motivation lies among the more than 1,000 foreign donations Hillary failed to disclose while at the State Department

Almost five years ago Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did what no world leader had ever done before when she stood in the United Nations’ Palais des Nations in Geneva and proclaimed that “Gay rights are human rights,” In doing this Hillary Clinton laid out for the first time the United States’ strong commitment to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights as a part of all diplomatic and development efforts. This moment marked a monumental policy shift for the U.S. government.


Trump criticized politicians and business leaders, arguing that they created policies that allowed and encouraged the offshoring of American jobs to America's competitors...

"We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism -- focusing on what's good for America's middle class -- to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move wealth and workers to foreign countries, all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy itself,"

In actuality Trump and his businesses offshored jobs to a number of countries, including Bangladesh, Indonesia, and even China. research shows that Trump cut a deal with the global apparel giant PVH to manufacture his clothes in 2004 and ever since, the Donald J. Trump Collection has been produced by factories in Central America and Asia, then shipped to the U.S. for sale in stores and online.


Trump claims he created his empire from a small $1 million loan from Trump's father...

"I started off in Brooklyn, New York, not so long ago, with a small loan and built a business that today is worth well over $10 billion,"

That small loan from Trump's father was worth $1 million, probably given before Trump entered the Manhattan real estate market in the early 1970s
If Trump's father made the loan in 1968, the year his son graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, that $1 million would be worth $6.8 million in today's dollars, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Price Index inflation calculator. In addition, Fact Checker found that he profited from loans, loan guarantees, his father's connections and trusts to help create his empire.


Hillary Clinton is a world class liar...

"(Hillary Clinton) is a world class liar"

The facts: According to PolitiFact, 59% of Trump's checked claims have been deemed false or "Pants on Fire" false, versus 12% for Clinton.

True: 2%
Mostly True: 7%
Half True: 15%
Mostly False: 17%
False: 40%
Pants on Fire: 19%

True: 23%
Mostly True: 28%
Half True: 21%
Mostly False: 15%
False: 11%
Pants on Fire: 1%


Trump claims Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States…

Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States."

That one is easy to debunk… Donald Trump is obviously the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States. *See above.

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