Monday, June 20, 2016

Trump Fires Infamous Campaign Manager Cory Lewendowski After Weeks Of Campaign Gaffes And Missteps

After weeks of falling in the polls, watching Republican fight to rid the presidential ticket of him and countless numbers of mistakes, misstatements and missed opportunities it appears that Donald Trump's campaign infrastructure is coming apart.

As evidence, today, Trump cut ties with his long-time campaign manager and "dear friend" Corey Lewandowski.

Lewandowski who is famous for his hostile interactions with the press, strained relationships with officials at the RNC and storied clashes with other personnel on Trump’s campaign has finally earned the boot.

What's stunning is that Lewandowski, who had been with Trump since January 2015, didn’t even garner enough respect to earn himself a face to face firing from Trump.

Reports indicate that Trump fired Lewandowski over the phone... This from the manly man who so relished spewing out his hackneyed catchphrase "Your Fired"!

Trump didn’t even make the announcement to the press himself. Instead he had spokeswoman Hope Hicks confirmed the firing which in fact had been first reported by The New York Times.

In further humiliation New Yorker Magazine reported that things got so heated that Lewandowski was escorted out of Trump Tower by security even though in a later interview he insisted that it was only due to "protocol".

All this after Trump stuck with Lewandowski’s after video of him manhandling a rally goer, reports of his rude and inappropriate behavior to staff and press and even his alleged battery of reporter Michelle Fields at a campaign event.

There were apparently no heads up to the camapign workers. There was no staff email or no staff memo and the campaign only learned about the what had transpired from news reports that played on the campaigns several televisions.

The New York Times and New York Magazine have both reported that the instructions to give Lewandowski his walking papers came directly from Trumps children who had butted heads with the campaign advisor on many occasions.

Other contributing factors were that Lewandowski, had jealously protected his access to Trump which gave him a level of influence with Trump that exceeded anybody else’s inside or outside Trump's campaign.

An anonymous Trump aide has said that dropping poll numbers "anemic" fundraising and the inability to hire essential staff "added up to a perfect storm" in Corey’s firing.

Apparently, having made many enemies inside the Trump campaign, his detractors celebrated his dismissal by cheering today’s announcement... one even shooting out this tweet:

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