Monday, June 13, 2016

Presidential Nominees Address Orlando Mass Shooting: Clinton Shows Strength, Trump Oozes Fear And Hate

Though the rampage at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando Sunday night drew universal condemnation from both Democrats and Republicans it did however expose the deep divisions in how both parties respond to such events.

While Democrats spoke of the need for further firearms restrictions and decried the targeting of members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, Republicans emphasized the threat terrorism poses in the United States.

Nothing, however, crystalized just how radically different the two parties are than how their respective nominees for president comported themselves in the immediate aftermath of America's worst mass murder in it's history.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton spoke somberly of the tragic attack saying in a statement that she decried the shooting as both "an act of terror" and "an act of hate"

She tweeted...

Clinton simultaneously released a statement saying...

"For now, we can say for certain that we need to redouble our efforts to defend our country from threats at home and abroad. That means defeating international terror groups, working with allies and partners to go after them wherever they are, countering their attempts to recruit people here and everywhere, and hardening our defenses at home. It also means refusing to be intimidated and staying true to our values."

Clinton, apparently grasping the gravity of the mass shooting, decided to postpone her planned joint rally with President Obama in Green Bay, Wis., which was scheduled to be held Wednesday, out of respect for the dead and injured.

Republicans on the other hand took a completely different route in dealing with the tragedy. Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee for their party, immediately took to social media not only to fear monger but incredibly enough... To congratulate himself!?!?!

First Trump fired off a tweet not to send "thought and prayers" for the dead and injured but instead to remind everyone of what was really important. "shooting", "terrorism" and the "dead and wounded"...

After that helpful reminder Donald Trump thought it was high time to call some attention to himself and his warnings about terrorism and posted on Facebook that he "appreciate(d) everybody congratulating" him for being "right on radical Islamic terrorism"...

An hour later he posted a similar message to Facebook for good measure...

A few hours later, prior to the president’s address to the nation, Trump decided it was time to attack Obama of Facebook/Twitter...

Once again, if only President Obama had said the magic words "radical Islamic terrorism" this all could have been avoided. I'll say it again: Anyone who still clings on this rote canard is an imbecile.

I believe what is contained in this post very much encapsulates what is at stake in this upcoming election. A choice between an ideology of empathy, strength and reason versus a mindset steeped in fear, resentment and hatred. 

I hope that for you the choice is as easy as it will be for me.

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