Friday, June 24, 2016

Raging Racist Trump Bro Screams At Latinos To: “GO FUCKIN’ COOK MY BURRITO BITCH”

A few posts ago I suggested that a man who had uploaded a video of himself calling out to his gun loving brethren to go shoot up some black people at the Republican National Convention in July while standing in front of a trump banner. I insisted that this person might very well be Donald Trump's number one fan

I was wrong. So. Very. Wrong.

Please allow me the distinct displeasure of introducing to you Zackary Fisher who for all intents and purposes should be the official face of the Trump campaign.

This jacked up, dull witted rage-a-holic, tatted, 'roided out, Trump bro yelling at Latino protesters is without a doubt the poster boy for the Republican's presidential nominee for the United States of America

How did I arrive at my conclusion you ask? Easy. It was the video he uploaded to the YouTubes in  which Fisher can be heard saying the following to the Latino-American Trump protesters...

I f***ed your whole fucking family with my big c**k!” 
"Get the fuck outta here... Our country motherfucker, our country!
 “Proud fucking American, made in USA, bitch.” 
Go fucking cook my burrito, bitch!” 
Go fucking make my tortilla, motherfuckers
"And build that fucking wall. For me!
"Trump! I love Trump!” 
 “I’ll fuck, like, at like any 10 of you up in one fucking sitting, you fucking pussy. You’re lucky all these cops are here.

Let that sink in for a second and then watch this video...

Click image for video

After posting this video of him screaming, Fisher soon deleted the clip. He also removed a post (seen below) defending his actions. “DO NOT BRING YOUR MEXICAN FLAGS TO AMERICAN RALLYS when there is not a single Mexican running for president,” Fisher wrote. “THIS IS AMERICA HERE not Mexico! If you’re not PROUD of this flag GO back to MEXICO.”

Click image for larger view

This is what else is known about this sociopathic mouth breathing embodiment of Trump support...

Fisher, who is 31-year-old, lives in Mesa, a city 20 miles outside Phoenix, and works as a lab technician for Fikes Brace & Limb, a firm owned by his stepfather. The company, who also employs Fisher’s mother and brother, has since scrubbed its web site to remove Fisher’s name but a  screenshot of the original "Staff" page can be seen here...

Click image for larger view

When not loudly lecturing others about tortillas, burritos, and the size of his penis, Fisher enjoys working out at LA Fitness, hiking, spending time with his pit bull, loving his red Ford Mustang SVT Cobra with vanity plates (“KEPH8N”) and his assortment of weapons.

Fisher has also fought in MMA matches, but it appears his career in the cage was derailed by injury.

Fisher has a tattoo of the Arizona state flag on his back and the words “Never Trust A Bitch” on his side. While not visible until he lifts his arm, Fisher also has the number 43 tattooed beneath his left armpit.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, the number “is used by members of the racist skinhead group Supreme White Alliance.”

Court records show that Fisher’s rap sheet includes a 2004 marijuana possession charge. Here is his mug shot

Zackary Fisher mug shot (pre steroids)

Please recall Trumps now famous line “I love the poorly educated.” when you find yourself thinking about this video and Zackary Fisher.

And please recall Zackary Fisher when, in November, you are in the voting boot and are actually considering pulling the trigger for Trump.

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