Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump Supporter Issues "Clarion Call" To Shoot Black People At Republican Convention (VIDEO)

Ever wanted to see what a true dyed in the wool Trump supporter looks like? Well look no further we believe we have found a candidate for The Donald's number one fan!

#1 Trump fan Jim Stachowiak

Meet Jim Stachowiak! He is a disgraced police officer, who who lost his police certification following a misconduct investigation after only three years as a public safety officer.

Let's delve further into this "man's" resume' and see what puts Stachowiak in the post position for a shot at the title of top Trump fan!

Stachowiak has been banned from Facebook and charged with criminal defamation for taking a man's profile picture from his LinkdIn account and posting the photo on freedomfighterradio.net where he falsely identified him as a terrorist.

Stachowiak has in the past said that the activist group "Black Lives Matter", whom he calls “black lies matter” (LOL), has threatened to kill Donald Trump.

Stachowiak has also cited Now8News.com, an infamous hoax news site that peddles in right wing propaganda, to report about a "Black Lives Matter" member accused of murdering 12 blond haired white women in their 20's and stuffing their bodies in a freezer.

Last year Stachowiak made news for standing guard with a rifle outside military recruiting stations, claimed Black Lives matter had called for genocide against non-blacks and a bombing campaign against nurseries. Stachowiak had planed to stand guard at that shopping center every Monday until military recruiters were allowed to carry guns.

Last April Stachowiak organized an anti-Muslim rally outside the Georgia Capitol called “United against Islam and Islamic immigration refugee” where the group planned to shred a Quran and a picture of the Prophet Muhammad. Only one other person attended.

There is no denying that this is a yeoman's job of racism, bigotry and lies but wait... Here is the piece de resistance'!

What I believe puts Jimbo Stachowiak at the top of the heap of Trumpites that he has just called on militia members and “patriots”, “III Percenters”  and "lone wolf patriots" to bring their guns to Cleveland to do battle with Black Lives Matter protesters at the Republican National Convention.

Here is Stachowiak's opening salvo in his seven minute long racist rant...

"Greetings my fellow patriots, III Percenters this is a clarion call to action! I am calling and encouraging all military veterans, law-enforcement veterans followed by III Percenters, patriots and what I will now call lone wolf patriots to show up in Cleveland Ohio for the dates of July 18-21... and  that would be the date for the GOP convention to be held at the Quicken loans Arena. I am encouraging patriots and Trump supporter and those who support liberty and freedom to come lawfully armed with lethal and nonlethal weaponry. Why am I putting this call out and condoning this? Black Lives Matter known as Black lies matter has threatened to kill Donald Trump! They have threatened to cause riots in Cleveland and nationwide it is our sworn duty and obligation for all those like me and many of you taking the oath to defend the country against all enemies foreign and domestic should the law-enforcement personnel in Cleveland and or the National Guarders are there cannot control riots if they break out or if they're told to stand down like what happened in Ferguson black Lives also known as black lies matter decide to get violent attack businesses or homes with arson or deadly force we should answer the call with our Second Amendment"

Watch the entire video of unhinged lunatic ravings here...

Click image for video

Ladies and gentlemen I think we have a winner!

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