Sunday, June 19, 2016

Why Are So Many U.S. Companies Pulling Out Of The Republican National Convention!?!?

The list of major U.S. companies that plan to cut funding for the Republican National Convention or boycott it altogether keeps growing.

The event, which is to be held in July in Cleveland, keeps losing sponsors like they have the plague.

Many of the corporations abstaining from this years GOP Convention sponsored past conventions like the 2012 Mitt-Fest in Tampa, Florida but for some reason this time around they do not plan to lend their names or cash to this year's event.

I wonder what it is that has given them pause?

A spokeswoman for the Cleveland host committee told Bloomberg News that many companies began pulling out of the event right around the same time that Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich dropped out of the running.

Yeah, I’m not understanding the correlation between those two events.

Despite the advertising exodus a few prominent corporations have announced that they will honor their commitments to sponsor this year’s event. One of the companies still willing to sponsor the RNC is the American Petroleum Institute. 

Color me shocked.

When asked why they were pulling out of the convention many of the companies were reluctant to give a reason for staying away from Cleveland.

I too cannot understand what it is that could possibly make these companies not want to be associated with this event!

In addition to the large corporations many big-name donors plan to skip out on the Cleveland event as well. The infamous Koch Brothers, one of the biggest backers of the 2012 convention, have announced that they will not be spending dime one on this year’s convention.

Below is a running list of companies that have announced either they will scale back or withhold funding for the 2016 convention:

MetLife Inc.

• Walgreens

• Hewlett Packard Inc.

• JPMorgan Chase & Co.


• Motorola

• Wells Fargo & Co.

• Ford Motor Co.

• Coca-Cola

• Microsoft

• United Parcel Service Inc.

• Apple Inc.


• Xerox

• Adobe Systems

As stated previously none of these companies will comment publicly on what it is that spooked them from wanting their names and logos seen at this prestigious event that would allow them to promote their brands nationally and schmooze with state and federal officials. I can only imagine that there will be something at the convention that is so vulgar, so toxic and so repellently damaging that the very thought of being associated with “whatever it is” would cause lasting and irreparable damage to their brands.

Nope still no clue.

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