Sunday, July 10, 2016

Allen West Blames President Obama And Hillary Clinton “For The Ambush Of Police Officers" In Dallas (VIDEO)

On Fox Business Network’s Varney & Co., disgraced Colonel and ex-congrssman Allen West did his best to explain why we should all blame President Obama and Hillary Clinton for the police shootings that happened in Dallas.

The way West sees it the President and Mrs. Clinton have purposely created an atmosphere that led to the shootings. They have achieved this, according to West, by always blaming police officers and never criticizing black people “in order to stoke the flames of racial divisiveness”.

On the show guest host Elizabeth MacDonald asked the disgraced Colonel and ex-congressman'sresponse” to President Obama's comments about the police shootings in Dallas.

West replied not by addressing the speech where President Obama referred to the Dallas shooter as “Vicious, Calculated, Despicable” but instead to the speech he gave the previous day when he addressed the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The Colonel maintained that it was that speech that caused the police shootings…

…If you go all the way back to the Henry Louis Gates and the Cambridge, Massachusetts incident where he said the police acted stupidly, once again we have a president that seems to always rush to judgment in castigating police in a negative light, as he did yesterday in relation to the Louisiana and Minnesota incidents, instead of letting justice play out there.” West continued “We have had people who have created such a divisiveness in this country right now. It is always about the color of a police officer or what have you but let's be very honest here Liz. Why isn’t the president talking about the black-on-black crime in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois? Why isn’t the president talking as strongly about Kate Steinle and all the other Americans who were killed by illegal immigrants? And so, it is a cherry-picking of what you want to talk about in order to stoke the flames of racial divisiveness which leads to political gain."

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Later in the interview, not wanting to leave the presumptive Democratic nominee out in the cold,  West moved on to blame Hillary Clinton for the Dallas tragedy as well…

"Hillary Clinton yesterday putting out #BlackLivesMatter. All lives matter and we should not say that one group is more important than another group and, horrifically, they have set the conditions, they have set an atmosphere for the ambush of police officers yesterday.

Watch it here...

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Not only is Allen West an unmitigated asshole but he is a race baiting, sociopathic bag of human waste.

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