Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cleveland Passes Trans-Friendly Bathroom Law Ahead Of Republican National Convention

The city of Cleveland just gave the Grand Old Party a big grand old middle finger when their city officials unanimously passed legislation to ensure that transgender people can use public bathrooms that match their gender identity.

As we all know the Republicans, who just love passing anti-LGBT religious liberty themed “bathroom bills”, will be in Cleveland next week for their Republican National Convention.

Mercy! This means the transgendered can whiz in the stall that matches their gender identity in any bathroom at the GOP’s convention… Oh noes!

The city council’s bathroom proposal was part of a broader package of measures aimed at updating the city’s anti-discrimination laws. The newly passed legislation in effect strips language from the current law that lets private business owners with public restrooms dictate which bathroom a person should use.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has famously flip flopped on the bathroom law wars and now endorses the republicans anti-LGBT bills. In addition the RNC just approved a resolution endorsing bills that prevent transgender students from using bathrooms that match their gender identity, citing the need to “protect student privacy.”

In recent months the GOP has become conspicuously hostile toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in an obvious effort to gin up their base before the November elections.

They may be in for a rude awakening if a recent CNN/ORC poll finding is correct that 6 in 10 people opposed anti-LGBT laws that require transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with the gender they were assigned at birth and three-quarters support laws guaranteeing equal protection for transgender people.

Republicans on the wrong side of history… Again.

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