Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh Threatens President Obama With "War", Blames Him And BLM For Dallas Police Shootings (TWEETS & VIDEO)

Following reports of murdered police officers in Dallas Thursday night, former Republican Congressman and Tea Party fave Joe Walsh tweeted out that there was now a state of war in America and cautioned President Obama to “watch out” because "Real America Is Coming For You".

Walsh deleted the original tweet but fortunately other users preserved it with screen grabs.

Later Walsh accused Obama of having “stoked the flame” and that Black Lives Matter "did this" then saying that Black Lives Matter should be designated as a “hate group.

Little Joey wasn't done for the night though. Fifteen minutes later he accuses "Black Lives Matter" activists of applauding the officers’ deaths. He then decades that it is time for "patriots" to fight President "Obama" and other various and sundry "thugs" that reside on the street...

He seems nice.

Walsh was subsequently invited on CNN's Tonight with Don Lemon to explain his twitter rants. You can watch that completely unhinged video here...

Click image for video

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