Saturday, July 9, 2016

Republican Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Blames Black Lives Matter Protests For Dallas Police Shootings (VIDEO)

Republican Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was quick to blame Black Lives Matter protests for a shooting that killed five police officers and injured others in Dallas on Thursday.

While on Fox News’ midday show “Outnumbered” Patric exclaimed…

I do blame people on social media, with their hatred toward police. I do blame, I saw [Rev.] Jesse Jackson, I think it was on Fox the other night, calling police ‘racists’ without any facts. I do blame former Black Lives Matter protests ― last night was peaceful, but others have not been as we’ve heard ‘pigs in a blanket’ this has to stop.

Watch Lt. Patrick's in all his glorious righteous indignation here...

Click image for video

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has become a right wing favorite over the last several months due to his staunch advocacy of Texas’ anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” bathroom bills.

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