Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Russia Trying To Influence U.S. Elections With DNC Hack: Rumors Putin Hoping For Trump Win

Last week it was revealed that Russian hackers broke into DNC servers and essentially lived there for up to a year! In that time they gathered what they believed to be the most unflattering intel they could get on the DNC and their employees.

Now the information has turned up in the hands of Julian Assange and his pals at Wikileaks.

If one were watching the unfolding of these events they would have to wonder if it was being released at the perfect time to impose the maximum damage. The answer would be yes. Yes it is.

What a coincidence that the damaging hacked info would leak exactly one day before the convention... Nice timing, no?  Da!

If causing maximum damage and disruption was the intention of the leaks it has succeeded. The hackers released to Wikileaks embarrassing emails passed between DNC staff in which they suggested ways to derail the Bernie Sanders campaign (though none were ever implemented). This in turn caused Sanders supporters to undertake a campaign of disruption lasting throughout the first day of the convention. In addition the leaked info was considered so ruinous that DNC party chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz had to step down right before the start of the convention.

Not to mention these leaks also gave the Republicans and the right wing media outlets endless material to skewer the Democrats as they leveled charges of corruption and rigged elections. All this despite the RNC doing the same thing to their nominee Donald Trump throughout the first six months of his campaign.

The hacks also gave Republicans a distraction from their own chaos laden convention.

Now why would Russia want a Republican President in the first place. Well that is due to who their nominee is.

It has been rumored that Putin is in love with the idea of a Donald Trump presidency. Putin has praised Trump and reportedly has close ties with his family business. There is also Trump's admission last week, in a New York Times interview, that he would not back NATO allies unless they paid us what he deems they owed us. This Trump policy of non-intervention would suit Putin's aspirations to a t. Imagine Russia free to steamroll and annex any and all territories Trump felt hadn't paid their dues to America therefore not deserving our protection. It would be a free for all.

Not besties.

As if those reasons weren't enough Putin is rumored to despise Clinton due to the fact that she has in the past suggested that Putin was a power-hungry dictator trying to recreate the Soviet Union, as she compared him to Hitler and expressed doubts that he has even possesses a soul.

So it is no wonder the Putin hacking squad have tried to cripple the Democrats election in order to give an edge to a Republican and by extension help usher in a Trump victory. It would make Putin's Russia the equivalent of a kid in a candy store... With the shopkeeper out to lunch!

As for who initiated the hacks... I'm looking at Manafort.

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