Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz Blows Up The RNC By Not Endorsing Donald Trump... Chaos Ensues! (VIDEO)

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas walked into the third night of the Republican National Convention and dropped a big old trurd in their punchbowl. What made Cruz’s move so much more titanic than the deuce he spiked their kool-aid with was that he did it in the primetime spot of Donald Trump's party!

To make things even more surreal is the mere fact that Sen. Cruz even agreed to speak at Trump's nomination party after the way the guest of honor had spoken to and about Cruz during the primaries.

Not only did Trump brand him “Lyin’ Ted”, but he mocked his wife’s looks, suggesting he had engaged in multiple affairs, and to top it off accused his dad of taking part in the assassination of John F. Kennedy!

Now I don't pretend to know what Trump and the rest of the RNC attendees were expecting from Cruz but they sure didn’t like what they got.

The speech had started all well and good as Cruz came out to a sustained applause and proceeded to give a boilerplate case for conservative governance. But the crowd grew notably restless as the speech droned on and on and on with Cruz knowing full well that his only job was to endorse Trump.

But it never came. He just rambled on with a knowing smirk tattooed across his pudgy face.

It became all too clear what Cruz was doing, He was delivering what he believed to be his acceptance speech for the nomination that should rightfully have been his... and no one could stop him. There was to be no healing and no party unity this night.

As the crowd grew wise to what “Lyin’ Ted” was up to the restlessness turned to outright boos. But it was one particular line in Ted’s near half hour long speech that sent the crowd over the top. It was when he uttered the words…

vote your conscience

As it turns out this is a well known phrase among the conservatives that has been adopted by a group of “Never Trumpers” who had asked delegates to withhold the nomination from the Donald. It was when the attendees heard this that they erupted in a chant of “We want Trump We want Trump!

Hey? What up with that crazy screen?

Oddly enough, at this point in Cruz's speech, the giant video screen behind him started to malfunction right out of the blue. It didn't even phase Ted. As the video board behind him blinked and shuffled it's programed images Ted went on to declare that Republicans were...

fighting, not for one particular candidate or one campaign

At this point the cameras panned to the Trump children exposing the shocked expressions smeared across their faces as they looked on disbelievingly from their luxury box seats.

As the speech entered its closing stages, Cruz had completely lost the crowd and the crowd had completely lost their composure. Egged on by Trump delegates in the audience they began to chant “endorse, endorse, endorse”.

Cruz just smiled.

As he continued the auditorium became unglued and reigned epithets down on the one time candidate. Then as if to get under their skin even more Cruz audaciously acknowledged the angry mob saying with a wry smile...

I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation


Then as it if it couldn’t get any worse, in an act of pure desperation, Donald Trump took it upon himself to try steal the spotlight away from Cruz. In what can only be described as pure showmanship the nominee, silhouette in spotlight, emerged from behind his families box seats and slowly descended the stairs to join them.

But it was too late. The damage had been done by the renegade Senator and it was all but assured that his performance would be the only thing print, televised and social media would be talking about today.

Mission accomplished Teddy.

Watch Ted in all his smarmy splendor here in the full speech including Trump’s late inning entrance at exactly 23:00 minuets in…

Click image for video

Trump tried to act all cool on twitter after the convention ended claiming it was no biggie but like I said... The damage was done.

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