Sunday, July 3, 2016

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid # 20: Trump Asks Turkish Reporter If He Is "Friend Or A Foe" Only Days After Deadly Terror Attack In Turkey (VIDEO)

Just days after the suicide bombing attack on Turkey’s Atatürk Airport that killed 45 and injured 238, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump believed enough time had passed that it would be appropriate to have a little fun with the situation.

On Friday, while Trump spoke at a campaign event, Turkish reporter Yusuf Serce asked him to give his opinion on the attacks that had just occurred in his homeland.

Trump, ever the ad libber, responded to the man’s question by asking him a few of his own questions instead…

Are you from Turkey, sir? Good, congratulations. I actually have a very nice job in Turkey. He's saying please mention Turkey, okay. I think he’s friend. Are you friend or foe huuuh?

Watch the exchange between Trump and Surce below...

Click image for video

Oh how the audience laughed.

Later the presumptive GOP presidential nominee went on to tell his audience...

Turkey, by the way, should be fighting ISIS. I hope to see Turkey go out and fight ISIS.

Trump apparently did not know that Turkey is already a member of an anti-ISIS airstrikes coalition, and has been for almost a year.

Trump apparently did not know that Turkey allows the US to use air bases in the southern portion of the country for our own strikes against the Islamic State terrorist group.

Trump apparently did not know that Turkish officials arrested more than 1,000 people last year for suspected ties to the organization.

If anyone was wondering this was Serce’s all too gentlemanly response to Trump's insensitive and idiotic remarks...

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