Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump's Dystopian Acceptance Speech At The RNC Was Full Of Fear Hate And Lies (VIDEO)

Donald Trump's speech on the fourth and final night of the Republican National Convention was about trying to turn an America that doesn't exist back into an America that never existed.

His address painted this country as a dystopian hellscape overrun by refugees, terrorists, cop killers, and marauding illegal immigrants all coming to get you. It was a speech directed primarily at white Christian Americans to tell them to be afraid... Very afraid!

Need proof that my assessment of Trump's nightmare in America speech is accurate? Well, instead of listing the multitude of divisive and bigoted comments or weeding through the overgrown jungle of lies I will give you this lone tweet from neo-nazi and grand dragon of the KKK, David Duke...

That about sums it up. no?

As for Trump's solutions to the all these problems that or beleaguered America faces he gave us this... 

Believe me, I alone can fix it."

Did he reveal any policies that might help our pitiful country... Nope.

Any suggestions on what could stop the decent of America into hell... Nah.

Did he offer even a single idea that might save our already doomed Nation... Lol!

What should we do then?

Oh yeah I forgot, we will just have to believe him because he alone will fix it.

This was a repulsive, divisive, bigoted, demagogic, hate-fest strewn with lies and littered with misinformation designed to paint a picture of Trump as a "strongman" who with the sheer will power of his mere presence will rectify every problem that had infected our already destroyed country.

All we have to do is believe him because he alone can fix it... The one little catch is first we have to elect him as our President.

Watch the full agonizing one hour and fifteen minute of this ridiculous egomaniacal clown indulge himself in a red faced scream-a-thon here...

Trump's Speech: Everything is terrible. I alone can solve. Just don’t ask me how!

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