Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Donald Trump To Meet President Of Mexico Today Ahead Of Huge Immigration Speech

Donald Trump has announced that he plans to meet Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday afternoon. The surprise trip was only confirmed after 10:30 pm tonight.

Here is the tweet in which Trump announced his surprise visit to Mexico...

Here is the response tweet from Mexico announcing that President Nieto had accepted Trump's confirmation...

I assume the first thing Trump will ask President Nieto is to stop sending over his "criminals and rapists" and to make the check for Trump's beautiful wall out to cash.

Then I believe they will both share a hearty laugh about how back in March President Nieto likened Trump's "strident tone" and penchant for “very simple solutions” to that of dictators like Hitler and Mussolini.

Today's meeting should be fun. What could go wrong?

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump Uses Woman's Murder To Shill For Votes. A New Low. You Decide.

On Friday Nykea Aldridge, mother of four, was killed as she pushed her child in a stroller. Aldridge, who was not the intended target of the shooting, was the cousin of star Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade.

Wade tweeted about his cousins death on Friday, calling for an end to “senseless gun violence.”…

Trump, instead of seeing another human life lost to gun violence, saw that this woman's murder fit perfectly with this recent African-American outreach slogan of vote for me and "you're not gonna be shot".

He seized the moment.

Wasting no time, Trump exploited Aldridge’s death as a chance to gloat and declare that African American's "will VOTE TRUMP!"

How devoid of any empathy does someone have to be to see this innocent woman's murder as a chance to shill for votes? How bankrupt of human decency is Trump that his first instinct was to profit off another person's grief? What causes a human being to be so self centered and lacking in awareness. It is more evident with each passing day that Trump suffers from a serious mental defect that should terrify anyone considering voting for this psychologically impaired person.

Two New Clinton Ads Destroy Trump By Exposing His Bigotry And Racism (VIDEOS)

On the heels of her speech yesterday that called out Donald Trump's bigoted and racist campaign Hillary Clinton released two new ads that crystalize just how steeped his campaign is in the rhetoric of hate and division.

The first ad exposes who some of Donald Trump's most ardent supporters are and its frightening.

Watch here...

The second video the Clinton campaign responds to Donald Trump's pitch to the Hispanic and African American communities in which he asks them "What do you have to lose".

Watch here...

Friday, August 26, 2016

Clinton Torches Trump Calling Out His Bigotry And Racism In Major Speech (VIDEO)

In a speech on Thursday afternoon Hillary Clinton released a torrent of criticism in which she pointed out that Donald Trump's campaign plays directly to America's bigoted  and racist white subculture.

In the speech, delivered to a rally at Reno's Truckee Community College, Clinton exposed the racist fever swamps that fuel the Trump campaign and exposed his ties to white supremacists saying the candidate is “taking hate groups mainstream,” and allowing a “radical fringe” to take over the Republican Party.

Clinton went after Trump on everything from his racist housing discrimination suit, to his call for the death penalty for the wrongfully accused Central Park five, to his infamous birtherism employed against President Obama, to his anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim campaign rhetoric, to his endorsement of violence against minorities at his rallies, to his failure to repudiate the endorsement of former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke, to his campaign's anti-Semitic Star of David ad, to his over 75 re-tweets of white supremacists, up to his recent outright courtship of the new breed of racist right wing extremists or "alt-right".

FACT CHECK: If you are new to the term alt-right it is just the new way white nationalists/supremacists/antisemites refer to themselves. A re-branding for the more internet savvy racist.

What marks Clinton's speech apart from others that tackle race and politics is that she addressed the issue and how it was connected to the Republican party and it's candidate head on. The speech held no punches nor did it need to now that the GOP has entered the Trump age. Never before has there been a candidate that has so thoroughly dispensed with the dog whistle politi-speak and fully embraced such racist and bigoted language without hesitation.

Trump's campaign of "prejudice and paranoia.” that panders to the angry white voter is unapologetic and transparent. Pick a minority either in race or religion and you can bet he's disparaged it.

In the last week, since hiring a new campaign campaign CEO and new campaign manager, Trump has tried to "soften" his language and engaged in some very ham handed hispanic and African-American outreach. But with Clinton's damning speech unmasking Trump for who he really is and his motives for what they really are will make walking back his past statements and deeds quite impossible...

"Look at the policies Trump has proposed. They would put prejudice into practice. And don’t be distracted by his latest attempts to muddy the waters. He may have some new people putting new words in his mouth… but we know where he stands."

Watch Hillay's Clinton's full speech here...

Read the full transcript of the speech HERE.

Is it any wonder that a Pew poll this month found just 2 percent of registered black voters backing the GOP candidate, compared to 85 percent who support Clinton.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

$ GRIFTER: Trump Spent $55,000 In Campaign Funds To Buy Back His Own Book

Donald Trump may have broken the law by using campaign donations to buy thousands of copies of his own book at retail cost.

This expenditure was discovered when Trump’s campaign filing with the Federal Election Commission revealing the $55,055 expenditure to Barnes & Noble to artificially boost sales of Trump’s latest book.

The problem is if sales from the book has most likely wound up in Trump’s own pocket it would be tantamount to money laundering with campaign donations. An act that would clearly have broken campaign laws.

Paul Ryan (not the one you are thinking of), of the nonpartisan nonprofit Campaign Legal Center said…

The bottom line is, no money of this $55,000 from the book can end up in Donald Trump’s pocket without violating federal law,

The excuse for the expenditure given by the Trump spokesperson was that books were purchased as gifts for attendees at the Republican National Convention which they claim the campaign was required to do...

Delegates in attendance at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July were given canvas tote bags, stamped with the Trump slogan, and filled with copies of Crippled America, as well as Kleenex and Make America Great Again! cups, hats, and T-shirts. Delegates were also given plastic fetus figurines.

Oy vey!

The Republican National Committee has not respond to requests to confirm whether the claim was true or not.

Trump’s campaign refused to confirm on the record whether Trump has pocketed royalties from the sales.

The publisher of Trump's books, Simon & Schuster, did not respond to requests for comment either.

As we already know already from the FEC filing Donald Trump has spent millions of dollars in campaign money for travel on his private airline and on buildings, restaurants and golf courses he owns.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

$ GRIFTER: Trump Quintuples Rent On Campaign Headquarters Once Donors Begin Paying His Bills

Remember back when Donald Trump was supposedly “self funding” his campaign. I mean he never really was as he was taking donations from the very beginning and using that cash to pay his expenses like office space, air travel, a minimal staff and other sundry items associated with campaigning. But back then Trump was at least putting in some of his own dough.

That time is over and now he wants to make some real money off this presidential bid.

Back in the “self funding” era Trump used to brag about how cheaply he was running his campaign. In those days the campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC $35,458

But lo and behold when Trump began raising funds from donors a review of Federal Election Commission filings showed that the amount for the same expense mysteriously quintupled!!!! Now the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower is magically $169,758!

The FEC filings show that Trump began increasing the rent at Trump Tower starting with the May 31 with payment of $72,800, then on June 9 the Trump campaign paid $110,684 and now as of July 10 it has skyrocketed to $169,758.

The excuse used Trump for the price jump was because it needed to rent more space in the building in anticipation of significantly increasing staff. The problem here is that Trump’s staff has not significantly increased. The campaign had 197 paid employees and consultants last March as opposed 172 employees and consultants last month.

It’s called math people!

By the way the office space wasn’t the only thing that magically went up in price.

Since Donald’s campaign and the RNC struck a joint fundraising deal in mid-May after locking up the GOP nomination Trump also began paying his own golf courses and restaurants more than $260,000. On May 18, the very same day the fundraising deal was announced, Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach was paid $29,715, Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, was paid $35,845 and Trump Restaurants LLC was paid $125,080, according to FEC records.

It’s unclear from the campaign filings the purpose of the golf course and restaurant payments but who’s counting, right?

Also let’s not forget that Trump continues to fly to campaign events on his personal Boeing 757 airliner, which burns $10,000 in fuel every hour, making air travel one of the biggest expenses for his campaign. In July alone, close to half a million dollars went to Trump’s company that owns the plane.

If only Trumps presidential campaign could last a few more seasons this might be the one venture of his that actually turns a profit!

President Obama Visits Louisiana Flood Victims, Pledges to Rebuild (VIDEO)

Today President Obama walked door to door in an East Baton Rouge Parish offering assurances to the families there that the country would help them recover from one of the worst floods ever recorded in Louisiana history.

More than 2-1/2 feet of rain fell on parts of the state in the worst U.S. disaster since 2012’s Superstorm Sandy. At least 13 deaths have been attributed to flooding and more than 60,000 homes have been damaged.

President Obama stated that over 100,000 people have applied for federal aid and more than $120 million has been approved although Congress may need to approve more aid. He said "What I want the people of Louisiana to know is, you’re not alone on this, even after the TV cameras leave". The President continued...

Sometimes once the flood waters pass people's attention spans pass. This is not a one-off. This is not a photo op issue. This is, how do you make sure a month from now, three months from now, six months from now, people still are getting the help that they need. I need all Americans to stay focused on this. If you are watching this today make sure you find out how you can help. You can go to or you can go to or you can go to and we will direct you how to help.

You can watch the President speak here...

Click image for video

The urgency of this catastrophe is only underscored by the fact that many of the residents affected by the damaging floods waters did not have flood insurance.

Although the President was criticized last week for not cutting short his vacation to go to the flooded state many of Louisianians exclaimed that the president’s visit showed that "he cares and the federal government cares about what we are going through,”

Despite Obama’s visit Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who was in Louisiana on Friday, said on Twitter...

President Obama should have gone to Louisiana days ago, instead of golfing. Too little, too late!

Trump's tweet ignores the fact that Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards had asked Obama to delay his visit because it would have tied up local and state law enforcement resources needed elsewhere.

Even Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser, a Republican, dismissed the debate saying “I’m just glad he’s here,” as he hoped Obama’s visit would bring hope to the state’s residents.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Armed Racists Hold A "White Lives Matter" Protest Outside Historic NAACP Building (PICTURES)

A group of 15-20 men and women who referred to themselves as "White Lives Matter" showed up at the NAACP chapter in Houston, Texas carrying rifles and other firearms. The group flew a giant Confederate flag and a sign saying "14 Words", which is a white supremacist slogan meaning, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. Some in the group even wore body armor.

The group claimed their main complaint with the NAACP, which they referred to as "the most racist groups in America", is that they hadn't condemned Black Lives Matter for their "atrocities".

Here are some statements taken from the protesters gathered by the local media...

 Ken Reed, the supposed leader of the White Lives Matter group said...

We came out here to protest against the NAACP and their failure in speaking out against the atrocities that organizations like Black Lives Matter and other pro-black organizations have caused the attack and killing of white police officers, the burning down of cities and things of that nature. If they’re going to be a civil rights organization and defend their people, they also need to hold their people accountable.

WLM protester Scott Lacey said...

We’re not out here to instigate or start any problems. Obviously we’re exercising our Second Amendment rights but that’s because we have to defend ourselves. Their organizations and their people are shooting people based on the color of their skin. We’re not. We definitely will defend ourselves, but we’re not out here to start any problems. We came here because the NAACP headquarters is here and that’s one of the most racist groups in America,

Many counter-protesters showed up to let the white supremacist know they're stunt was not appreciated.

There was a strong police presence as well who erected a small fence around the "White Lives Matter" group. There were no incidents of violence and no arrests were made.

Here are pictures of the protest...

And what racist protest would complete without the guy with a Donald Trump hat!

It was reported that at the end of the protest a group of African-American and white people residents of the community joined hands in prayer outside the parking lot of a church that faces the NAACP building.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Governor Asks President Obama Not To Visit Flooded Louisiana... Trump Disregards Plea Flies Personal Jet Down For Photo Op (PICS & VIDS)

Because it's what they do the right wing media have been reflexively slamming President Obama for not visiting the flood-ravaged state of Louisiana. This despite the fact that Louisiana's Gov. John Bel Edwards stated that a presidential visit would only strain the already exhausted resources devoted to the flood relief.

Edwards said in an interview on MSNBC...

It is a major ordeal, they free up the interstate for him. We have to take hundreds of local first responders, police officers, sheriffs, deputies and state troopers to provide security for that type of visit.”“I would just as soon have those people engaged in the response rather than trying to secure the president. So I’d ask him to wait, if he would, another couple weeks.

President Obama has heeded the Governor's request and will instead visit the flood ravaged state on Tuesday.

In addition Edwards said he has remained in constant contact with the White House and has received quick responses for each request he's made to the administration. He also noted that FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate visited the state Tuesday and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was in-state Thursday.

Then we have Donald Trump who apparently believes that a photo opportunity with flood victims for his flailing campaign far outweighed the Governor's request.

To achieve said photo-op Trump and his running mate Mike Pence traveled to Baton Rouge Friday morning in his private jet to “help people on the ground” in a “decidedly nonpolitical event” with “no press allowed”.

But as it turned out, to no one's surprise, there actually were tons of press allowed and Trump did use the occasion to attack his political opponent and in the end Trump helped only himself.

Color me shocked.

Here are all the pictures and video taken by the press that wasn't supposed to be there there...

Autograph time!!!!!

Here's a bonus video of Donald “helping out” by unloading a truckload of Play Doh... for exactly 49 seconds...

Click image for video

What would those poor souls who lost everything to the raging flood waters do without their daily ration of Play Doh... One shudders to think.

Here's a bonus video of Donald “helping out” by signing autographs for his adoring (and very needy) fans...

Click image for video

Notice anything... Trump's jacket never came off. Guess he wasn't there long enough.

Governor Edwards, who was obviously not pleased with Trump using his state a a backdrop for free press, released an tersely worded statement through spokesman Richard Carbo suggesting that Republican presidential nominee‘s hastily-organized visit to Baton Rouge was nothing more than poorly staged propaganda...

We welcome him to LA but not for a photo-op. Instead we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm.

Reports show Trump has made no such contribution as of this posting.

Here is a LIST of things you can do to help the victims of this flood.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump Smirks And Mugs Through His First Ever "Apology"... Audience Gets Joke, Laughs And Chants "Trump, Trump, Trump" (VIDEO)

Feeling the heat of his presidential run spiraling out of control, today in Charlotte, N.C.  Donald Trump did what many thought unthinkable.

He apologized.

Okay, I concede that the word apology may be a wee bit too strong.

Nevertheless, the man who 13 months ago when questioned if he'd ever asked God for forgiveness said "I don't think so", now says he "regrets" not choosing the right words!!!!

Here's the problem. He didn't mean it. And he made sure everyone knew he didn't mean it. Trump smirked and mugged his way through the statement alerting his audience to the joke who immediately recognized the disingenuousness of his words and reacted as one would expect... With laughter.

In other hilarious news Trump also promised that he would “always tell you the truth”!

Here are the words Trump read off the teleprompter...

"Sometimes in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that... (Trump smirks as audience laughs)...  And believe it or not, I regret it... (crowd chants Trump's name) Thank you - and I do regret it — particularly where it may have caused personal pain. Too much is at stake for us to be consumed with these person al issues. But one thin I can promise you this... I will always tell you the truth"

Look here to watch Trump read those words off a teleprompter......

Now if only he would point out to whom he is apologizing... Gold star families, Mexicans, Muslims, women, the disabled, ect, etc, ect, ... But I guess there wasn't enough time.

Later in the speech, as if to nullify his apology/regret Trump blamed the media for taking his words “out of context”.

A question: If Trump were ahead in the polls do you think in a million years he would have ever uttered these words?

Clinton spokeswoman Christina Reynolds nailed it in her released statement...

"Donald Trump literally started his campaign by insulting people. He has continued to do so through each of the 428 days from then until now, without shame or regret. We learned tonight that his speechwriter and teleprompter knows he has much for which he should apologize. But that apology tonight is simply a well-written phrase until he tells us which of his many offensive, bullying and divisive comments he regrets - and changes his tune altogether,"


Thursday, August 18, 2016

PILLOWS FOR HILLARY! The Right Wing Finally Finds Proof Of Hillary Clinton's Immanent Death! (PICTURES)

For the last two weeks right wing media has been trying to prove that Hillary Clinton is in ill health and due to her deteriorating condition would be unable to serve as President.

Well today things got real people!

In an all cap alert The Drudge Report points out that the website HeatStreet has finally put all the pieces together and has found definitive proof that Hillary Rotten Clinton is indeed on death's doorstep.


Have you ever noticed that when Robbery Hillham is sitting down she always seems to be using pillows to prop herself up?


Neither have we... BUT WAIT!

HeatStreet has and they've got the goods on Shillary!

Andrew Stiles of HeatStreet writes...

"Hillary Clinton doesn’t like reporters, so she did an interview last week on a podcast hosted by her own presidential campaign. 
Hillary is being propped up by a pillow, and it’s hardly the first time this has happened. In fact, the former secretary of state used to include propping cushions on her list of demands during her lucrative time on the paid celebrity speaking circuit. 
According to the Washington Post, for one speech at UCLA, a public university that she graciously offered a discounted rate of $300,000, Hillary demanded that “chairs be outfitted with two long, rectangular pillows — and that two cushions be kept backstage in case the chair was too deep and she needed additional back support.


What? Not convinced yet?!?!?!

Well lookie here!

The site even includes pictures of Killary getting her lower lumbar supported by the aforementioned pillows with photoshopped arrows for your viewing convenience! LOOK...

Pillows may straighten her posture but for "crooked" Hillary they are a dead giveaway that she is soon to shuffle off this mortal coil!