Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Donald Trump Takes Soldier's Purple Heart Flippantly Says "I've Always Wanted To Get A Purple Heart, This Was Much Easier" (VIDEO)

At a campaign event in Ashbury, Virginia, the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump began his stump speech by telling the audience "You know something very nice just happened to me". He then proceeded to divulge a story about a man who had given him his Purple Heart...

"A man came up to me and he handed me his Purple Heart. I said to him is that like a real one or is that a copy? And he said that's my real Purple Heart I have such confidence in you. And I said, 'Man that's like big stuff. I've always wanted to get the real Purple Heart. This was much easier,"

Here is Trump regaling the audience with the really well timed story considering the trouble he is in for attacking a deceased soldier's family (wink wink)...

Click image for video

Trump then introduced the man to the audience before pocketing the medal, returning to the podium where he said the man had told him to keep "saying what you've been saying".

To put into perspective what Trump did by taking this soldiers medal it is important to know that Purple Hearts are only awarded to military service members who were wounded or killed in combat.

I guess Trump believed he deserved it and after all he always wanted one.

By the way it appears that Trump was lying anyway as the the man told Katie Tur of NBC News that what he gave Trump was actually a copy of his Purple Heart...

Donald Trump secured a total of five military deferments that helped him escape service during the Vietnam War. Four were for school and one was for bone spurs in his ankle.

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