Thursday, August 18, 2016

Former Arizona Govenor And Trump Lover Jan Brewer Calls Hillary Clinton A “Lying Killer” (AUDIO)

It seems that the Arizona sun has finally baked poor Jan Brewer's brain.

It seems that the leather-faced ex-Govenor of Arizona was making her weekly call-in to the Mac & Gaydos show on KTAR News when Brewer said that if Democrats wanted to pump campaign money into the state economy that would be...

"good for us, but they had no hopes of actually turning Arizona blue. People want a fighter. They’re tired of the lying killer Hillary Clinton and Bill Clintons of the world,

Listen here...

Click image for video

When asked by Buzzfeed Politics what Brewer meant when she called Hillary Clinton a "lying killer" she explained...

I was trying to say Hillary Clinton. It was a stumble of the tongue. Good grief!

Yeah, that's the ticket!

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