Friday, August 5, 2016

Fox News And Donald Trump Lie About A $400 Million Hostage Ransom Exchange With Iran... Until Obama Completely Destroys Them! (VIDEO)

This is a story about Fox News telling a lie, Donald Trump picking up the lie claiming it as his own, both get caught red handed about the lie yet both still continued to tell the same debunked lie... Until the President schools them... Hard.

It started yesterday on Fox News when they played on a loop what I guess they thought was a great hit piece in which they allege the Obama administration paid a $400 million dollar ransom paid to Iran in exchange for"hostages"..

The segment always starts out with a grainy video depicting men exiting a small jet as the chyron reads "U.S. May Have Paid Ransom To Iran". All the announcers and pundits explain that the video depicts a secret 400 million dollar cash drop the U.S. handed off to the Iranians in exchange for the release of hostages.

Heres a still from one of the many times the "story" was repeated on Fox...

This goes on all day until Trump, who is obviously an avid fan of Fox News, must have watched their story and decided to take it as his own.

At a Florida rally Trump told those in attendance that he witnessed a video in which 400 million dollars was unloaded off a jet on a palette in return for the four Americans prisoners in Iran...

I’ll never forget the scene this morning. Iran ― I don’t think you’ve heard this anywhere but here ― Iran provided all of that footage, the tape, of taking that money off that airplane.

Watch Trump tell the story here...

Click the image for video

After Trump's pronouncement the press quickly realized that he was only referring the Fox News video shown earlier in the day. They then proceeded to contact the Trump campaign to verify their theory. That is when Hope Hicks, a Trump representative, confirmed that he was indeed referring to that footage...

Yep. Merely the b-roll footage included in every broadcast.

This is when the story falls apart for both Fox and Trump.

In actuality the story they were pushing was footage of Iran releasing the American hostages in Geneva back in JANUARY!!!! and a completely different story about 30 year old frozen Iranian assets being returned to Iran to resolve an outstanding claim at an international tribunal at The Hague.

These were agreements between the U.S. and Iran made over a year ago. It was no secret!!!! The only thread of truth is that the money returned to Iran coincided with Iran's return of four American hostages.

At this point realizing the jig was up, one would assume that Fox News and Trump would withhold telling the apocryphal story.

One would be wrong.

The very next day Fox News kept pushing the ransom narrative and Trump continued to tell the exact same bullshit story of the jet plane cash transfer.

That's when the President decided it was time to put an end to the lies...

"We announced these payments in January. Many months ago, there wasn't a secret. We announced them, to all of you -- This wasn't some nefarious deal."

Watch President Obama completely destroy Fox News' and Donald Trump's "Iran Was Paid A Secret Ransom” lie here...

Click image for video

Fox and Trump are jokes... Dangerous, dangerous jokes.

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