Saturday, August 20, 2016

Governor Asks President Obama Not To Visit Flooded Louisiana... Trump Disregards Plea Flies Personal Jet Down For Photo Op (PICS & VIDS)

Because it's what they do the right wing media have been reflexively slamming President Obama for not visiting the flood-ravaged state of Louisiana. This despite the fact that Louisiana's Gov. John Bel Edwards stated that a presidential visit would only strain the already exhausted resources devoted to the flood relief.

Edwards said in an interview on MSNBC...

It is a major ordeal, they free up the interstate for him. We have to take hundreds of local first responders, police officers, sheriffs, deputies and state troopers to provide security for that type of visit.”“I would just as soon have those people engaged in the response rather than trying to secure the president. So I’d ask him to wait, if he would, another couple weeks.

President Obama has heeded the Governor's request and will instead visit the flood ravaged state on Tuesday.

In addition Edwards said he has remained in constant contact with the White House and has received quick responses for each request he's made to the administration. He also noted that FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate visited the state Tuesday and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was in-state Thursday.

Then we have Donald Trump who apparently believes that a photo opportunity with flood victims for his flailing campaign far outweighed the Governor's request.

To achieve said photo-op Trump and his running mate Mike Pence traveled to Baton Rouge Friday morning in his private jet to “help people on the ground” in a “decidedly nonpolitical event” with “no press allowed”.

But as it turned out, to no one's surprise, there actually were tons of press allowed and Trump did use the occasion to attack his political opponent and in the end Trump helped only himself.

Color me shocked.

Here are all the pictures and video taken by the press that wasn't supposed to be there there...

Autograph time!!!!!

Here's a bonus video of Donald “helping out” by unloading a truckload of Play Doh... for exactly 49 seconds...

Click image for video

What would those poor souls who lost everything to the raging flood waters do without their daily ration of Play Doh... One shudders to think.

Here's a bonus video of Donald “helping out” by signing autographs for his adoring (and very needy) fans...

Click image for video

Notice anything... Trump's jacket never came off. Guess he wasn't there long enough.

Governor Edwards, who was obviously not pleased with Trump using his state a a backdrop for free press, released an tersely worded statement through spokesman Richard Carbo suggesting that Republican presidential nominee‘s hastily-organized visit to Baton Rouge was nothing more than poorly staged propaganda...

We welcome him to LA but not for a photo-op. Instead we hope he’ll consider volunteering or making a sizable donation to the LA Flood Relief Fund to help the victims of the storm.

Reports show Trump has made no such contribution as of this posting.

Here is a LIST of things you can do to help the victims of this flood.

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