Wednesday, August 24, 2016

$ GRIFTER: Trump Quintuples Rent On Campaign Headquarters Once Donors Begin Paying His Bills

Remember back when Donald Trump was supposedly “self funding” his campaign. I mean he never really was as he was taking donations from the very beginning and using that cash to pay his expenses like office space, air travel, a minimal staff and other sundry items associated with campaigning. But back then Trump was at least putting in some of his own dough.

That time is over and now he wants to make some real money off this presidential bid.

Back in the “self funding” era Trump used to brag about how cheaply he was running his campaign. In those days the campaign paid Trump Tower Commercial LLC $35,458

But lo and behold when Trump began raising funds from donors a review of Federal Election Commission filings showed that the amount for the same expense mysteriously quintupled!!!! Now the monthly rent his presidential campaign pays for its headquarters at Trump Tower is magically $169,758!

The FEC filings show that Trump began increasing the rent at Trump Tower starting with the May 31 with payment of $72,800, then on June 9 the Trump campaign paid $110,684 and now as of July 10 it has skyrocketed to $169,758.

The excuse used Trump for the price jump was because it needed to rent more space in the building in anticipation of significantly increasing staff. The problem here is that Trump’s staff has not significantly increased. The campaign had 197 paid employees and consultants last March as opposed 172 employees and consultants last month.

It’s called math people!

By the way the office space wasn’t the only thing that magically went up in price.

Since Donald’s campaign and the RNC struck a joint fundraising deal in mid-May after locking up the GOP nomination Trump also began paying his own golf courses and restaurants more than $260,000. On May 18, the very same day the fundraising deal was announced, Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach was paid $29,715, Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, was paid $35,845 and Trump Restaurants LLC was paid $125,080, according to FEC records.

It’s unclear from the campaign filings the purpose of the golf course and restaurant payments but who’s counting, right?

Also let’s not forget that Trump continues to fly to campaign events on his personal Boeing 757 airliner, which burns $10,000 in fuel every hour, making air travel one of the biggest expenses for his campaign. In July alone, close to half a million dollars went to Trump’s company that owns the plane.

If only Trumps presidential campaign could last a few more seasons this might be the one venture of his that actually turns a profit!

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