Thursday, August 18, 2016

PILLOWS FOR HILLARY! The Right Wing Finally Finds Proof Of Hillary Clinton's Immanent Death! (PICTURES)

For the last two weeks right wing media has been trying to prove that Hillary Clinton is in ill health and due to her deteriorating condition would be unable to serve as President.

Well today things got real people!

In an all cap alert The Drudge Report points out that the website HeatStreet has finally put all the pieces together and has found definitive proof that Hillary Rotten Clinton is indeed on death's doorstep.


Have you ever noticed that when Robbery Hillham is sitting down she always seems to be using pillows to prop herself up?


Neither have we... BUT WAIT!

HeatStreet has and they've got the goods on Shillary!

Andrew Stiles of HeatStreet writes...

"Hillary Clinton doesn’t like reporters, so she did an interview last week on a podcast hosted by her own presidential campaign. 
Hillary is being propped up by a pillow, and it’s hardly the first time this has happened. In fact, the former secretary of state used to include propping cushions on her list of demands during her lucrative time on the paid celebrity speaking circuit. 
According to the Washington Post, for one speech at UCLA, a public university that she graciously offered a discounted rate of $300,000, Hillary demanded that “chairs be outfitted with two long, rectangular pillows — and that two cushions be kept backstage in case the chair was too deep and she needed additional back support.


What? Not convinced yet?!?!?!

Well lookie here!

The site even includes pictures of Killary getting her lower lumbar supported by the aforementioned pillows with photoshopped arrows for your viewing convenience! LOOK...

Pillows may straighten her posture but for "crooked" Hillary they are a dead giveaway that she is soon to shuffle off this mortal coil!

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