Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump Says He Doesn't Trust The U.S.'s Intelligence In His Official Briefings

Yesterday Donald Trump got his first official intelligence briefing since becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

The honor of having such a rarified distinction placed upon him was apparently lost on Trump as he exclaimed of the inaugural briefing that he “doesn't trust (the) intelligence information” he will be receiving.

Trump expressed his opinion about the 16 federal intelligence agencies and their tens of thousands of employees that worked so very hard to acquire the information given to him on (where else) Fox News. When he was asked on Wednesday's edition of "Fox & Friends" whether he trusted the intelligence he would receive Trump replied...

"Not so much from the people that have been doing it for our country. I mean, look what's happened over the last 10 years. Look what's happened over the years. It's been catastrophic. And, in fact, I won't use some of the people that are sort of your standards, you know, just use them, use them, use them, very easy to use them, but I won't use them because they've made such bad decisions. You look at Iraq. You look at the Middle East. It's a total powder keg. It's a — if we would have never touched it, it would have been a lot better. I mean, we would have been much better off. On top of which, we've spent probably $4 trillion. Nobody even knows what we've spent. So, no, I have great people

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie accompanied Trump to his very first intelligence briefing. I guessing it was to wrestle the phone from his stubby hands lest he get an itch to blast out some juicy U.S. intel tweets.

In hindsight Trump's harsh assessment of the U.S. intelligence may just be a reaction to the letter from fifty of the nation’s most senior Republican national security officials he received last week declaring that they will not support nor vote for Donald J. Trump.

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