Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trump Uses Woman's Murder To Shill For Votes. A New Low. You Decide.

On Friday Nykea Aldridge, mother of four, was killed as she pushed her child in a stroller. Aldridge, who was not the intended target of the shooting, was the cousin of star Chicago Bulls player Dwyane Wade.

Wade tweeted about his cousins death on Friday, calling for an end to “senseless gun violence.”…

Trump, instead of seeing another human life lost to gun violence, saw that this woman's murder fit perfectly with this recent African-American outreach slogan of vote for me and "you're not gonna be shot".

He seized the moment.

Wasting no time, Trump exploited Aldridge’s death as a chance to gloat and declare that African American's "will VOTE TRUMP!"

How devoid of any empathy does someone have to be to see this innocent woman's murder as a chance to shill for votes? How bankrupt of human decency is Trump that his first instinct was to profit off another person's grief? What causes a human being to be so self centered and lacking in awareness. It is more evident with each passing day that Trump suffers from a serious mental defect that should terrify anyone considering voting for this psychologically impaired person.

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