Monday, August 22, 2016

Armed Racists Hold A "White Lives Matter" Protest Outside Historic NAACP Building (PICTURES)

A group of 15-20 men and women who referred to themselves as "White Lives Matter" showed up at the NAACP chapter in Houston, Texas carrying rifles and other firearms. The group flew a giant Confederate flag and a sign saying "14 Words", which is a white supremacist slogan meaning, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”. Some in the group even wore body armor.

The group claimed their main complaint with the NAACP, which they referred to as "the most racist groups in America", is that they hadn't condemned Black Lives Matter for their "atrocities".

Here are some statements taken from the protesters gathered by the local media...

 Ken Reed, the supposed leader of the White Lives Matter group said...

We came out here to protest against the NAACP and their failure in speaking out against the atrocities that organizations like Black Lives Matter and other pro-black organizations have caused the attack and killing of white police officers, the burning down of cities and things of that nature. If they’re going to be a civil rights organization and defend their people, they also need to hold their people accountable.

WLM protester Scott Lacey said...

We’re not out here to instigate or start any problems. Obviously we’re exercising our Second Amendment rights but that’s because we have to defend ourselves. Their organizations and their people are shooting people based on the color of their skin. We’re not. We definitely will defend ourselves, but we’re not out here to start any problems. We came here because the NAACP headquarters is here and that’s one of the most racist groups in America,

Many counter-protesters showed up to let the white supremacist know they're stunt was not appreciated.

There was a strong police presence as well who erected a small fence around the "White Lives Matter" group. There were no incidents of violence and no arrests were made.

Here are pictures of the protest...

And what racist protest would complete without the guy with a Donald Trump hat!

It was reported that at the end of the protest a group of African-American and white people residents of the community joined hands in prayer outside the parking lot of a church that faces the NAACP building.

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