Friday, September 2, 2016

BUSTED: Pastor & Advisers Had To Write Script For Trump's African-American Church Interview!

Weeks ago Donald Trump went on an "African American outreach" tour that went disastrously. For instance none of his speeches were made in front of any African-Americans and the words Trump used to describe life in black communities were insulting to say the least.

In an attempt to silence the outpouring of criticism leveled at them for their widely panned "outreach" effort the campaign announced that Trump would be going into an African-American community to deliver a speech... In front of actual African-Americans!!!!

A week later The Trump campaign announced it had canceled the speech.

But as of yesterday it's back on! The campaign announced that Donald J. Trump’s will indeed visit a black church in Detroit on Saturday. According to the release Donald will visit the Great Faith Ministries International,  however he will not be addressing any of the church’s congregants. Trump  instead agreed to be interviewed by Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, the Church’s pastor, in a session that will be closed to the public and the news media.

Lame but at least he is making the effort, right?... Wrong!

It has been revealed that The New York Times had obtained an eight-page script showing 12 questions that the pastor will be asking Mr. Trump. In other words the pastor gave the Trump campaign all the questions he would be asking in the taped question-and-answer session!!!

Here's the kicker. The script also contains the ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS!!!!

Yes, the eight-page script also includes the exact word for word responses Trump is being advised to give written by aides working for the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.

According to the NYT the scrips contains questions and answers about subjects such as police killings, racial tension and the perception among many black voters that he and the Republican Party are racist.

Here is a portion of the scripts Q&A in the leaked memo according to the NYT:

When asked about his vision for black Americans, the script suggests that Mr. Trump stay positive, advising that he use lines such as…

If we are to make America great again, we must reduce, rather than highlight, issues of race in this country” and “I want to make race disappear as a factor in government and governance.

To a question submitted by Bishop Jackson Asking whether your campaign is racist, the script suggests that Mr. Trump avoid repeating the word, and instead speak about improving education and getting people off welfare and back to work…

The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding,” Mr. Trump is advised to say. “Coming into a community is meaningless unless we offer an alternative to the horrible progressive agenda that has perpetuated a permanent underclass in America.

To the first question, “Are you a Christian and do you believe the Bible is an inspired word of God?” the scriptwriters have a response they hope will keep Mr. Trump from repeating previous stumbles when asked about his faith.

As I went through my life, things got busy with business, but my family kept me grounded to the truth and the word of God. I treasure my relationship with my family, and through them, I have a strong faith enriched by an ever-wonderful God.

The final question of the interview: What he would say to undecided black voters?…

If you want a strong partner in this journey, you will vote for me. I will never let you down,” Mr. Trump is directed to say, adding, “By the way, my support is now up to 8 percent and climbing.

Very authentic and from the heart. It should work like a charm!

The “interview” is to appear a week later on the Impact Network, Bishop Jackson’s Christian cable TV channel. The official who spoke to the NYT said several Trump aides are supposed to work with the network to edit the taped interview so that the final version reflected the campaign’s wishes.

*UPDATE: After the bombshell about receiving the both the questions and the answers in advance leaked yesterday the Trump campaign went into damage control. Just after 11:00 pm the senior communications adviser for the Trump campaign announced that Mr. Trump’s plans had changed and that he would address the congregation for five to ten minutes after all. According to the advisor Mr. Trump will then visit neighborhoods with now supporter Ben Carson who grew up in Detroit.

That's called making it up as you go my friends. Too bad the interview won't be so spontaneous.

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