Saturday, September 10, 2016

Clueless Trump Does Interview On Russian State TV: Bashes American Media, Claims Democrats Behind Own DNC Hack (VIDEO)

Today the Republican standard bearer, Donald Trump, appeared on Russian Television (RT) and proceeded to praise Vladimir Putin and disparage the good old US of A.

Trump's interview with Larry King comes after the candidate controversially said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was "far more of a leader" than President Obama at the Commander-In-Chief Forum on Wednesday.

Among the many gaffes Trump had during the interview he began by shrugging off suggestions that the Russian government was influencing the American presidential election. Trump instead intimated that the Democrats were actually behind the Democratic National Committee hacking scandal.

Later Trump even went so far as to, and without irony, complain about how dishonest the American media is in the interview run by a government that has seen at least 34 journalist murdered in their country since the year 2000 (since Putin took power) and currently ranks 180 out of 199 countries for press freedom.

After being called out by Republicans and Democrats alike for even thinking this was a good idea the Trump campaign's Jason Miller responded by saying Donald Trump was just doing “a favor” for his friend and television host Larry King when he “accidentally” did an interview on the Russian government-sponsored network.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said of her boss' appearance on Russian State TV that Trump never realized he was being interviewed for the Russian network.

A former CNN superstar, Larry King, has a podcast, and Mr. Trump went on his podcast. Nobody said it would be on Russian TV

When Larry King was asked in an interview with CNN if there was any chance Trump might have not known that the interview would be airing on a Russian network he responded...

"...if Donald said he thought it was a podcast, that stretches it a little because he just did my podcast. I did not make the arrangements for him to be on the show. My producers talked to his people, and they made the arrangements. So I never know what was said to him except he was doing my TV show."

Watch the full interview here...

Yeah, that what I want in a commander-in-chief: a guy who doesn't know whether he's on a podcast of a television show and is unaware that he is on Russian state run media. Top that off with a staff that is just as clueless as he is and you've got yourself a real winning combination there.

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