Friday, September 23, 2016

Family Releases Disturbing Video Showing Police Fatally Shooting Keith Scott (VIDEO)

For the last three days and nights protests in Charlotte, North Carolina have taken place after police in that city shot and killed Keith Scott and then refused to release the video they had of the incident.

On the fourth day of the city of Charlotte refusing to release video of the deadly shooting the family of Keith Scott has chosen to release a video to NBC News showing the moment when police shoot and kill Scott taken by his wife.

In the two minutes and 12 seconds video an officer can be seen pointing a gun in Scott’s direction, screaming at him to “drop the gun.” At the same time Scott’s wife can be heard pleading with an officer not to shoot her husband...

Don’t shoot him, he has no weapon,” 

 She tells the officers that her husband has a TBI, or a traumatic brain injury sustained during a motorcycle accident in October 2015 and then assures them, “He’s not gonna do anything, he just took his medicine”.

With her pleas going unheeded police open fire on Keith Scott who then can be seen lying motionless on the ground.

After the shooting Rakeyia Scott can be heard asking officer “Did you shoot him?” and then can be heard repeating over and over..

"He'd better live, he'd better live, he'd better live,"

Here is the video...

Keith Scott was waiting in his truck for his young son to come home from school while his wife had gone inside their apartment to grab a cell phone charger. She was gone for about three minutes and began recording once she emerged from the apartment.

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