Friday, September 2, 2016

Founder Of Latinos For Trump Warns Of "Taco Trucks On Every Corner"! (VIDEO)

Marco Gutierrez, the founder something called “Latinos for Trump”, predicted the future of America last night… And it’s terrifying.

While discussing Donald Trump’s immigration/hate speech on MSNBC tonight Gutierrez began to muse about what an America without a Trump presidency might look like. Gutierrez, a latino, began his prophetical statement by saying “My culture is a very dominant culture” and then proceeded to clarify why that very thing would be our countries undoing…

My culture is a very dominant culture, and it’s imposing, and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re gonna have taco trucks on every corner.

I am speechless… Watch it here…

After his statement host Joy Reid, who was clearly shocked said "I don't even know what that means and I'm almost afraid to ask" to which Gutierrez replied…

I’ll tell you what that means — the Spanish never conquered Mexico

Hopefully this post has given us all some insight to what the real dangers of that Latino culture holds for our nation if we don't elect Trump. Don’t say we haven’t been warned!

In all seriousness if this is the view a Latino for Trump holds can you begin to imagine what the caucasians for Trump believe!!!!

I guess some people would be cool with the "taco truck" thing.

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