Wednesday, September 7, 2016

$ GRIFTER: Trump Rips Off Donors For Close To Half A Million Dollars

On March 15th, after winning the Florida primary, Donald Trump held a victory party for himself at his Palm Beach country club and home Mar-a-Lago.

Over two months later, after becoming the Republican presidential nominee, Trump signed a deal with the Republican National Committee giving him access to a top-notch fundraising operation to help with his presidential bid.

That very day $1 million dollars in donor money was paid out with more than $600,000 going to Trump-owned businesses.

In other words the money went right back into Trump's pocket.

Of the million plus $423,000 of it went to Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago alone. It turns out that the March 15 party, an earlier soiree on March 1st and a news conference on March 11 allegedly cost that exorbitant amount of cash.

From the Federal Election Commission filings those three events garnered the payout under the heading of “facility rental/catering” if you were wondering.

Research by news outlets uncovered that if Mr. Trump had instead chosen to hold the aforementioned events at the nearby West Palm Beach Marriott he would have cost his donors under $45,000 for all three!

What’s more, the two-month delay in reporting those expenses apparently violates Federal Election Commission rules which requires expenses to be disclosed in the same reporting period as it was incurred.

The grifter strikes again!

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