Saturday, September 3, 2016

PANDER EXPRESS: Trump Visits African-American Church While Protests Rage Outside (PICTURES)

Trump filled with the holy spirit... obviously

As if without irony Donald Trump stood in front of the all black congregation at the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit and said...

"Our nation is too divided"

A man who began his career denying black families their right to rent in his father's all white buildings. A man who questioned the citizenship of this country's first African-American President in an attempt to delegitamize him. A man who opened up his presidential run by inferring that all Mexicans that cross into our country are rapists and criminals. A man who called for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. A man who stood by while members of Black lives matters were beaten at his rallies and then offered to pay for the legal fees of those who committed the violence. A man whose campaign ties to white nationalist groups have received across the board condemnation. A man who's outreach into the black community consisted of telling them they have "no education, no anything" and their lives are a "total catastrophe" so vote for him because "What do you have to lose?".

As protestors held placards with “No Hate In The White House” on them and chanted “No Trump! No Trump!” this man, speaking from cue cards, stood in front of the church's African-American congregants and said with a straight face claimed...

Our nation is too divided. We talk past each other, not to each other, and those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on. They don’t know, they have no clue. I’m here today to learn, so that we can together remedy injustice in any form.

It would be laughable if it weren't such a sickeningly transparent attempt at pandering.

Trump went on to say he would usher in a “civil rights agenda for our time” stated that it would be...

One that ensures the rights to a great education. So important. And the right to live in safety and in peace and have a really, really great job -- a good-paying job and one that you love to go to every morning.

Then just to let them know he was serious he told the parishioners...

"I do get things done, I will tell you. Some people have strengths -- that's one of -- I get things done,

Oy vey.

After Trump read his words he joined former rival Ben Carson on a very brief visit to Carson's childhood home. Trump apparently spoke with the home's current owner, Felicia Reese to inform her that because of the Carson connection "Your house is worth a lot of money."

I'm guessing this one tightly scripted day will not make all things right between Trump and the community he spent a lifetime maligning.

It would take a supreme being to figure out what number pivot this is for the Trump campaign.

Inside the church

Yes, thumbs up indeed.
Baby Trump swaddled in a prayer shawl

Outside the church

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