Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The debate tonight wasn't close. It was a shut out. It was a route. It was a knock out.

Trump came out strong but after a few minutes it was apparent that this wasn't a fair fight. Oddly enough it was comparable to the way Trump steamrolled his competitors in the primaries but this time he was the one being flattened.

While Clinton used her time to talk policy Trump spent the majority his time on the stage literally sniffling, grumbling, interrupting and swilling water like a common Marco Rubio.

It was so bad that some in the media are saying that Donald Trump's performance might have been the worst in presidential debate history.

Like I said it started off okay. Trump landed three good blows. Trump tagged Clinton on the NAFTA trade deals, he scored another shot referencing the mess in the Middle East and then his last offensive output came with a jab at Hillary’s 30.000 deleted emails.

But then Trump appeared to run out of material and steam. About twenty minuets into the debate Trump, not Clinton, seemed to have a "stamina" problem. That is when Clinton took the reigns of the debate and never relinquished them.

Clinton attacked Trump on everything from his unreleased tax returns, to his ever-changing stance on middle east conflicts, the "small loan" (millions) he obtained from his father and a damaging exchange on his birtherism.

At the end Trump was reduced to shouting incoherent half sentences like how someone should call Sean Hannity about his support for the Iraq war and nonsensical references to how mean Rosie O'Donnell was to him.

When Trump wasn't talking complete nonsense he was all too busy mugging for the camera, making weird noises and interrupting both the moderator and Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately for Trump when he was interrupting it was to answer either an accusation made by Clinton or double down on a lie he was getting called out on by Lester Holt.

In the end Clinton kept setting him up and he kept taking the bait. By the end of the night he was buried under a mountain of his own bullshit and bad behavior.

Here's how the debate numbers broke down according to the first two snap polls...

CNN/ORC Poll found that Hillary Clinton was deemed the winner of Monday night's debate by 62% of voters who tuned in to watch, while just 27% said they thought Donald Trump had the better night.

PPP's post debate survey finds that voters nationally think Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the debate, 51/40.

In all honesty it wasn't even as close as these polls make it out to be.

Here is the full debate from last night...

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