Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump Advisor Alex Jones "In Extasy" Over Hillary Clinton's Illness Because "It's A Devastating Victory Against The Enemy" (VIDEO)

Lunatic conspiracy theorist and InfoWars founder Alex Jones alerted his audience yesterday that the video of Hillary Clinton fainting had him “literally in ecstasy”! Jones then hipped his listeners to the fact that it was none other than the “hand of God” that caused Clinton to fall ill!

Here is how Jones opened his show...

"Yes, I’ve been containing a Cheshire Cat grin all day long. My dad, we were out at the lake with the kids when this news came in. Lee Ann was texting me, so was Biggs. I went and saw the video. And I went, “Yeah! Yeah!” I was just like, just literally just in ecstasy. And my dad said, 'That is horrible, celebrating over that sick woman even though I hate her too.' And I went, No, this is a devastating victory against the enemy and more of the avalanche of them being discredited and the hand of God is upon this. And it’s only going to get better the more good people take action. That’s why evil always fears us and does everything they can to try to contain us throughout history and suppress us because they’re scared of us. Look at these hunchbacked demons. They’re nothing!"

Watch the sick unhinged moron and his acolytes become orgasmic with joy over the wonderful news that Hillary Clinton is sick...

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