Thursday, October 6, 2016

After The Debate Mike Pence's Litany Of Lies Catch Up To Him And The Trump Campaign (VIDEOS)

In the previous post about the Vice Presidential debate we acknowledged that Governor Mike Pence may have won stylistically but agreed that Senator Tim Kaine won the day. The reason for arriving at this conclusion was that even though Kaine's debate performance was uneven and included many jarring interruptions he did one very important thing. He did not lie.

Pence's debate performance was an entirely different story. It was the fact that the majority of things said by the governor were indeed without fact.

In the post we opined that perhaps a campaign ad or two might be manufactured from compiling instances of Pence's untruthful statements about himself and his running mate.

It's a prediction that turned out to be kinda prescient.

Here are a few we found surfing the interblogs.

Here is one put our by the Clinton camp...

Here is another put out by Slate...

Here is a third put out by the Huffington Post...

Even the late night comedy shows took notice...

And while there were many more videos there were enough written articles written about Pence's propensity for lying to fill an  olympic  size  swimming  pool... Twice!

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