Saturday, October 15, 2016

Apprentice Contestant Says Trump Sexually Assaulted Her In His Hotel Room (VIDEO)

A second allegation of sexual assault has been levied against Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump today.

The woman, Summer Zervos, who was a former contestant on Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice” alleged that in 2007 Trump brought her to a hotel bungalow and forced himself on her.

Summer Zervos with her attorney Gloria Allred in Los Angeles

Zervos spoke about the incident at a press conference in Los Angeles along side her attorney. She described her encounter with Trump in a Beverly Hills hotel room where Trump made the unwanted advances, kissing and groping her.

Zervos said the events were set into motion when she reached out to Trump in hopes of getting work at his real estate company. She met with Trump during a trip to New York about a job where says that Trump kissed her on the mouth at the start of their meeting and at the conclusion. She says the unwanted act made her feel "nervous and embarrassed

Zervos said when she arrived back in L.A. Trump called her and asked to meet her for dinner under the guise of her work request. Instead of a restaurant, Zervos was surprised as one of Trump's security guards escorted her to a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Zervos says it was in that setting that Trump ...

...came to me and started kissing me open-mouthed as he was pulling me towards him. I walked away and I sat down on a chair ... He then asked me to sit next to him. I complied, and he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. 
When she got up and walked away, she said, Trump “grabbed my hand and walked me into the bedroom.” She walked out of the room, at which point she says Trump suggested: “Let’s lay down and watch some telly-telly. 
He put me in an embrace and I tried to push him away. I pushed his chest to put space between us, and I said, ‘Come on, man, get real.’ He repeated my words back to me ― ‘get reeeal’ ― as he began thrusting his genitals. He tried to kiss me again, and with my hand still on his chest, I said, ‘Dude, you’re tripping right now.’ 
He said, ‘What do you want?’ and I said, ‘I came to have dinner.’ He said, ‘OK, we’ll have dinner."

Once it was clear she would not entertain his advances, Zervos said, Trump “paced around the room. He acted like he was a bit angry. He pointed out that someone had delivered a fruit basket.” Zervos said she felt like Trump pointed out the fruit basket “to show me how important he was.

Here is the video of Zervos' press conference...

Click image for video

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to Zervos' accusations though Trump has said during rallies held today that...

They have no witnesses. There’s nobody around ... Some are doing it for probably a little fame. They get some free fame. It’s a total setup.

Zervos is the 11th woman to accuse the Republican nominee of sexual assault or misconduct.

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