Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Woman Recounts Donald Trump Groping Her At A Mar-A-Lago Event

A new victim of Donald Trump has come forward and recounted her story to the Palm Beach Post this evening.

Mindy McGillivray has claimed that 13 years ago she was groped by Trump at Mar-a-Lago event.

According to McGillivray she was helping friend Ken Davidoff on Jan. 24, 2003, who was taking photos at Mar-a-Lago during a concert by Ray Charles. Davidoff  had brought McGillivray, who was 23 at the time, to help him during the photo shoot.

McGillivray recalled that while backstage after the show after Ray had finished his performance...

All of a sudden I felt a grab, a little nudge. I think it’s Ken’s camera bag, that was my first instinct. I turn around and there’s Donald. He sort of looked away quickly. I quickly turned back, facing Ray Charles, and I’m stunned.’’ 

It was at that point she turned to her companion Davidoff and said "Donald just grabbed my ass!’’

McGillivray said she remembers saying to herself...

"'OK, am I going to say something now and make a scene or be quiet?’ I chose to stay quiet."

Despite never reporting the incident to the authorities McGillivray said she shared only with a close circle of family and friends.

When asked why she was coming forward now McGillivray said her breaking point came when she was Donald Trump being asked during the presidential debate about when he bragged that he kissed women without their consent and grabbed their genitals. When debate moderator, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, asked Trump to clarify: “Have you ever done those things?” Trump replied...

"No, I have not"

McGillivray who had been watching the debate at home in Palm Springs, Fla., said she rose from her couch and yelled at the TV screen: “‘You liar!’’’

McGillivray said she started to consider sharing her story, With Davidoff’s help, she reached out separately to The Palm Beach Post and to a Hillary Clinton campaign office on Lake Worth Road.

McGillivray says despite the fact that she knows her past may be scrutinized she believed it was important “to set a good example for my daughter,’’ and that “It’s a respect issue for all women. If something like this happens to you, you should speak up.’’

Hope Hicks, Trump’s press secretary, said about McGillivray’s allegation when reached by The Post Wednesday night.

There is no truth to this whatsoever. This allegation lacks any merit or veracity.

Updates to come

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