Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid #45: Says Of Latest Accuser "Oh, I’m Sure She’s Never Been Grabbed Before.”

Donald Trump has seen fit to disparage yet another woman who has come forward and accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior. The woman, Jessica Drake, who spoke out over the weekend alleged the GOP nominee had sexually mistreated her in 2006.

Drake, who works as an adult film actress, became the 12th woman to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against the New York real estate mogul. She accused Trump of kissing her and her friends without permission and offering her $10,000.00 dollars to engage in sexual intercourse with him.

Trump, in an effort to belittle Drake, implied that since Jessica Drake is a sex worker he would not have needed her consent before groping her or offering her money and favors for sexual intercourse due to her line of work.

The comments came while Trump was giving an interview to New Hampshire radio station WGIR...

You’ll find out that, in the years to come, these women that stood up, it was all fiction. They were made up. I don’t know these women, it’s not my thing to do what they say. You know I don’t do that. I don’t grab them, as they say, on the arm. One said, ‘he grabbed me on the arm.’ And she’s a porn star. You know, this one that came out recently, ‘he grabbed me and he grabbed me on the arm.’ Oh, I’m sure she’s never been grabbed before,

The GOP standard bearer then reiterated the same line he has used in defending himself against the previous 11 accusers saying that that "These are stories that are made up, these are total fiction,”.

Trump has called the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, “liars”, referred to one of them as “horrible" and even went so far as to infer that his accusers were too unattractive to sexually assault.

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