Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Drudge Report Revives Bill Clinton Love Child Conspiracy Theory... They Already Admitted Was Hoax In 1999! (VIDEO)

Donald Trump's very very bad week has apparently driven the right wing noise machine to new heights of desperation.

Today it was the Drudge Report's turn to reach deep into the fever swamps of yesteryear and pull out a batshit crazy conspiracy theory debunked in 1999.

The hoax goes a little something like this: Allegedly Bill Clinton had an affair with a prostitute in Little Rock, Arkansas named Bobbie Ann Williams. The affair resulted in a love child named Danny. The woman and her family then supposedly passed multiple lie-dictator tests concerning Bill Clinton's paternity.

Oh Drudge...

Earlier this year The Daily Beast re-report this story which apparently Drudge dredged up which accounts for the headline. The report, posted January 12th, includes an interview between conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones and informal Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone in which they recount the whole illegitimate child story as well.

Drudge even posted a video made by the supposed love child, Danny Williams, to their Twitter...

(the video has since been removed... Sorry.)

The video did contain the worst Bill Clinton imitation I have ever... EVER heard!!!!!

The turn in the story came when the supermarket tabloid Star Magazine conducted a DNA test and discovered that Williams was not, in fact, Clinton’s son.

There was no match, nothing even close” 

Drudge even conveniently un-remembered that back in 1999 they hyped the “DNA showdown” over Williams’ parentage only to then declare that the story was “a cruel hoax by the boy's mother” and that the tale had been “debunked and flunked by science.”!

But hell. Trump's in trouble so why not run with a 17 year old debunked hoax. What do they have to lose?

Certainly not credibility.

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