Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Vice Presidential Debate: Kaine And Pence Aggressively Attack Each Other Over Trump And Clinton (FULL DEBATE VIDEO)

The debate started out fast and furious. There were lots of interruptions (mostly from Tim Kaine) and copious amounts of crosstalk that it made the answers from the candidates hard to comprehend.

What became clear as the debate progressed was that Tim Kaine's interruptions were serving a purpose. It was to nail down his opponent, Mike Pence, on things both he and his running mate have said in the past.

Over and over and over again Kaine threw out indefensible lines and policies that Donald Trump has said or proposed and over and over again Mike Pence either just shook his head not refuting the attacks or flat out denied the veracity of the claims.

Also, for the most part, Pence did not defend Trump from Tim Kaine's accusations of misogyny, xenophobia, anti-Muslim and pro-Putin stances. The few times he did defend his running-mate he was caught being untruthful either because he didn't know Trump had actually said what Kaine accused him of or he flat out decided to lie.

The problem was the accusations Kaine was hitting Pence with were not only true but indefensible as well.

I would imagine in the coming days when the fact checkers have done their due diligence the Clinton campaign will have a fistful of new ads all stemming from the debate consisting of Governor Pence denying something Trump did or said and then showing that something immediately thereafter.

What also might bring some ruffled feathers to the Trump campaign is the fact that the performance Pence put on last night was so head and shoulders above his running mate's debate debacle I can't help but think many of the Republicans who watched it will be wishing that he was at the head of the ticket.

In the end I think Pence's cooler demeanor in the debate will sway viewers to give him the victory over an over-amped Tim Kaine.

That being said, while stylistically Mike Pence may have won the debate Tim Kaine won the day.

Judge for yourself. Here is the full debate...

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