Wednesday, November 9, 2016

NOT MY PRESIDENT! Massive Anti-Trump Protests Break Out Across The Country (PICTURES)

Protesters are marching in several cities across the United States, stunned and angered by the surprising upset election of Donald Trump.

Demonstrations began shortly on the west coast after president-elect Trump claimed victory in the early hours of Wednesday and have now spread to several major cities tonight.

At the demonstrations protesters held up signs that said "No More Racism" and "Not My President" which have become social media hashtags.

Trump-owned properties were targeted in New York, Washington and Chicago where police have set up barricades to keep crowds away.

The protests largely have been peaceful as the police have allowed people to march unobstructed.

In his post-election victory speech, Trump said that he would be the president for all Americans. Many are not convinced.

Trump's threats to deport illegal immigrants and ban all Muslims from entering the country has many angered and worried that they, their family or someone that they know will become targets of Trump's racist and bigoted policies.

Many America's now fear that race relations will rapidly deteriorate in our country.

Other places where protesters have marched include Chicago, Boston, Arizona, Tennessee,  Philadelphia, New Orleans, Richmond, San Jose, Oakland, Seattle and Portland.

Here are pictures from the protests...

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