Wednesday, November 16, 2016

China Finally Slaps Trump For His Dumb Climate Change Lie

In 2012, Trump tweeted that the concept of "global warming" was fictionalized by the Chinese...

After Sen. Bernie Sanders pointed out the imbecilic tweet during the presidential campaign Trump quickly scheduled an appearance on Fox & Friends where he explained that the tweet was only a" joke" and that global warming ...

"is done for the benefit of China, because China does not do anything to help climate change."

Despite the fact that that sentence makes absolutely no sense today China, just for good measure, reminded the president-elect that they didn't make up global warming.

Speaking to Bloomberg News China’s Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said of Trump’s apocryphal claims...

If you look at the history of climate change negotiations, actually it was initiated by the IPCC with the support of the Republicans during the Reagan and senior Bush administration during the late 1980s,” 

Wow! Who knew Reagan and daddy Bush were secretly working for the Chinese!?!?!

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