Monday, November 7, 2016

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid #51: Says He Won Michigan's “Man of the Year" Award... Which Doesn't Exist

At a rally in Michigan on Sunday night Donald Trump claimed that five years ago he was “honored” as “Man of the Year in Michigan.

After the statement Trump went on to describe in detail a speech he supposedly gave after winning his Michigan's “man of the year” award...

During my speech all I talked about is what Mexico and these other countries are doing to us and especially what they are doing to Michigan and I was criticized.

The problem in there is no record of it happening.

The media scoured various search engines and newspaper archives and found nothing.

The Trump campaign was a contacted for comment but did not respond.

The Detroit News has a list of “Michiganians of the Year.” but Trump is not on it.

Trump’s Twitter archive no mention of winning a Michigan Man of the Year award (and you know he would have mentioned it!).

I guess at this point he figured what's one more log on the mile high dumpster fire that is Trump's campaign.

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