Friday, November 18, 2016

Donald Trump Says Something Stupid #52: Takes Credit For Stopping Ford From Moving A Factory To Mexico... It Never Planned To Move (TWEETS)

Donald just can't stop lying on Twitter.

President-elect Trump has just taken credit for making the Ford Motor Company keep one of their factories in Kentucky instead of moving it to Mexico...

Trump then followed that tweet with this one 14 minutes later...

Great work Donny but there's just one problem with you're story...

Facts are things.

For close to a year now Ford's plan was to stop making the certain brands of smaller vehicles at the plant in Louisville, but the company had never said the plant would close.

The company has always maintained that production of those cars will be moved to Mexico and that the Kentucky plant will be used for production of bigger vehicles.

The production switch would not result in any job losses for Ford’s U.S. workers since Ford had already proposed investing additional capital in domestic production of the larger size cars, Trucks and SUV's.

When asked if the company had ever had any plans to shutter the plant, Ford CEO Mark Fields said they had “No plans to close plants."

In fact Ford had actually made significant commitments to the United Auto Workers union to maintain production and jobs at its two factories in Kentucky. In its November 2015 contract with the company the UAW said it secured more than $1 billion worth of investment from Ford for production at its two plants in Kentucky.

This leaves us with the question of why would Donald tweet such a thing?

The reason for Trump's self congratulations stems from the fact that on the campaign trail and at debates Trump used this false premise of Ford moving jobs to Mexico to rile up his followers. He would at every rally repeat the lie that Ford was sending it's jobs to Mexico and then call it a “disgrace”.

Trump would then make the untenable pledge to everyone in attendance that he would stop companies from shipping jobs to Mexico or overseas.

Why he would continue to keep up this lie is anyone's guess. Either he doesn't understand that he won the election and doesn't have to continue to tell these kind of untruths or he is just a pathological liar.

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