Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton Now Leads Trump By More Than 2 Million Ballots In The Popular Vote

As of November 22, 2016 Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has surpassed 2.1 million votes. With 64,414,444 ballots now counted in her favor, compared to 62,313,357 for Trump, which is over 1.5 percent of the overall vote, according to the nonpartisan Cook Political Report.

What's more is that her lead is only projected to increase due to the fact that there are still millions of ballots left to count, and they’re expected to be disproportionately for Clinton.

With this being the second time in two decades that a Democratic candidate had garnered more votes, only to lose the presidency to the Republican challenger with Democrat Al Gore being the other in 2000. Gore received 500,000 more votes than Republican George W. Bush, but came up short in the Electoral College due to a hotly contested race in Florida.

At the time, Gore’s margin of victory in the popular vote was the largest for any candidate that had gone on to lose the election.

The results of that election paired with the overwhelming popular vote victory by Hillary clinton in this one has only served to embolden critics the Electoral College and the calls to do away with the outdated system.

What is most interesting about this latest vote count is that it comes amid speculation about a potential challenge to the election results. A group of computer scientists and election lawyers have gone to the Clinton campaign with claims that voting may have been compromised in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The discrepancies have bolstered the call for a recount in those states.

Watch this space!

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